Bestfriend :)

              What do you feel after talking with your bestfriend?

                Talking with one of my best friends that I haven’t seen for a little while completed my day. Nostalgia hits me, as we chatted through facebook. We talked blissfully about trivial and serious matters . Of course, It was mainly a girl-talk. I felt nothing but pure joy that even despite of our hectic sched, we still managed to make time to talk with each other.  It was like our old times back when we were in High School.

                Elai is more like my biological sister than my best friend. We’ve been through good and bad times. We’ve fought over silly things, cried over heartbreaks, and helped each other against our giants. Our friendship is certainly tested beyond years, and no one can ever compare how we painstakingly build our friendship.


On the left: My bestfriend Elai.

              She is my remedy in times of my lowest point, in times that I badly needed to smile, and in times that I needed someone to help and be with me. 

             I’m more than grateful of having such best friend like her, such best friend that can never tolerate your wrongdoings and can tell you directly what to and not to do.

              So if you have a best friend like my best friend, you’re blessed! So don’t you ever try to let her/him go.

Godbless everyone!

Much love,

Amae ❤ 

10 thoughts on “Bestfriend :)

  1. You are a beautiful pair, and i bet she feels the same way about you. I met my best friend when I was 14, and I am now 60. We are still best friends~!


    • Wow! Good to hear that. I can imagine myself years from now bonding and talking with my best friend. I bet your friendship with your best friend, hasn’t really changed. Anyway, I missed your comment here ma’am. God bless 🙂


  2. It is a wonderful thing to have a best friend, who goes with you through good and bad times, cries with you, laughs with you and be there for you when you need her. Lovely picture of you two. May your friendship blossom even more! Hug Ute x


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