Let me tell you this so great realization. I’m already a college student and studying at a public state university (PUP, Sta. Mesa) to tell you honestly, it wasn’t really my first choice. But God brought me here. And right now, while I’m typing this, I understand His purpose why I am here. Thank you Lord for letting me grasps the realization. So let me share to you.
                The first time I saw my college (pup), I knew I would not allow myself to enter such school with incomplete facilities, detrimental surroundings, and perilous way ahead. I even told my parents that it would be my last option for my school in college. I was able to pass to my preferred college, but not with my preferred campus. So, as what I’ve said, even with a disheartened feeling, I resorted to my last option. I decided to pursue Journalism here, since based on what I’ve researched one of the best schools catering Journalism is PUP. (ex: Steve Dailisan of GMA news and public affair is one the products of PUP)
               To make my story short, what I’ve realized right now is that God brought me here to sharpen my way of thinking, my principle and belief. He brought me here, because as a journalist I should see the unfavorable side of society – the unjust image of it.
                 Right now, I’m thankful to the Lord for letting it happen. Sometimes we cannot understand God’s plan for us, it maybe away from what we anticipate or it may feel like so excruciating, but in the right time and God’s time, He will let us understand why He let it happen. Our Lord is really unpredictable. Perhaps, you will question God right away for the circumstances you’ve experienced, but at the end of it, when lessons are learned, the only thing you will say to him is THANK YOU. And right now Lord,  as I’m typing this, I’m thankful. Thank you for all. Thank you for all the realization. These are all yours.


Much love ♥

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