Out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, my mind just suddenly compelled me to watch my high school videos. Watching those videos really brought me back to that moment, remembering funny situations that happened that time. I can’t stop bursting out my loud growl of laughter which made my mom curious and gave her very own quizzical stare.

But this post is not about how I enjoyed watching the videos, it’s all about how it conveyed quick realization to end this 2013. Sadly, as much as I’d like to show,  the said videos can only be viewed with my friends in facebook due to its privacy setting. Anyhow, I can still show you the pictures of my High School days (Ready your heart, don’t tell me you have not been warned.hihi)

I was like an innocent kid back then 🙂

Let the picture speaks. This is my shortest hair ever. 🙂

TIME CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK. Time as quick as it passes by always provides life lesson on us. No matter how small or how petty we think it is, those moral has helped the way we face our own battle in life.

Watching the video made by my friend when I turned 16 just suddenly brought back all those pieces of memories that made my high school life a good story to share. It reminded my personal reasons why I’d never think of exchanging my high school memories to someone or something. Those were the days that the only problems I could hardly solve were math problems. Those were the days that I would spend my day just laughing and enjoying my friends’ company  since our regular school day would end from seven in the morning till four in the afternoon.

Life has just its own phase. I’ve gone through the phase where life’s challenges were so petty. (was there a so-called “petty challenge? haha) Done with all the “tweetums and playtime” days. And I’m now with – perhaps I can already say – life’s exciting challenges.

Now that I’m 18, at legal age, I can say that I’ve experienced more than math problems, more than derivatives, or law of motions so on. Problems get better and better; overcoming it is much more exciting.

To end this post, all I can say is that… WHAT A JOURNEY FOR THIS AMAEZING KID 🙂. (Can I still be considered a kid now that I’m 18? Kid at heart perhaps) 😀

For more challenges and blessings this 2014! I’ll be seeking for more, I know that the best is still yet to come. Cheers for the new year. God bless everyone! 🙂

What is the key to success?


    I got a simple solution: Doing what is more than required. No one can pay off hard work and effort. Even bunch of money cannot tantamount to it. So the only way to smell the sweet aroma of success is the willingness to do what is more than required. It is the willingness of doing the best. It is the willingness of excelling in your field. It is the willingness of bringing out your best on a very simple task. And of course, It’s creating an extraordinary thing over an ordinary task. It all start to your willingness. When you finally combined your urge and willingness, then the action will soon come out. Then you will suddenly be excited of reaching the peak. You will suddenly visualize the dreams that you’ve seized for so long. Then you become the hungriest person ever battling for his/her dreams. But just don’t stretch yourself much. Because along your journey, there will be pain, failures, happiness – like a roller coaster ride feeling. But just remember that it’s part of molding your character, sharpening your mind, and making you stronger. There’s no easy way to get in the road of success. No single shortcut. So as you are still on the way, you just got to enjoy the destination.  Because soon you will realize that your journey is the best testimony of your life. 

Note: Thank you Sir Bob Corrales of LEADS-CEGP for the wisdom. I’m excited to meet new mentors to guide my life. 

Facing the Inevitable: Writer’s Block

             The most difficult part of being a writer is that conquering this inevitable –  “writer’s block”.  I have experienced this kind of harrowing trap that hardly blocking me from producing ideas . I tried to search for ways and answers to defeat it, but I end up  on a single and proven solution – facing it. I come to realize that I should not push myself too much. A little break and embracing a bit of inspiration will do to face the inevitable. Besides, if I push myself, result will be against on my favor. It will just be a mere craft without a heart and a soul.


                Let me tell you this so great realization. I’m already a college student and studying at a public state university (PUP, Sta. Mesa) to tell you honestly, it wasn’t really my first choice. But God brought me here. And right now, while I’m typing this, I understand His purpose why I am here. Thank you Lord for letting me grasps the realization. So let me share to you.
                The first time I saw my college (pup), I knew I would not allow myself to enter such school with incomplete facilities, detrimental surroundings, and perilous way ahead. I even told my parents that it would be my last option for my school in college. I was able to pass to my preferred college, but not with my preferred campus. So, as what I’ve said, even with a disheartened feeling, I resorted to my last option. I decided to pursue Journalism here, since based on what I’ve researched one of the best schools catering Journalism is PUP. (ex: Steve Dailisan of GMA news and public affair is one the products of PUP)
               To make my story short, what I’ve realized right now is that God brought me here to sharpen my way of thinking, my principle and belief. He brought me here, because as a journalist I should see the unfavorable side of society – the unjust image of it.
                 Right now, I’m thankful to the Lord for letting it happen. Sometimes we cannot understand God’s plan for us, it maybe away from what we anticipate or it may feel like so excruciating, but in the right time and God’s time, He will let us understand why He let it happen. Our Lord is really unpredictable. Perhaps, you will question God right away for the circumstances you’ve experienced, but at the end of it, when lessons are learned, the only thing you will say to him is THANK YOU. And right now Lord,  as I’m typing this, I’m thankful. Thank you for all. Thank you for all the realization. These are all yours.


Much love ♥