Bmeg Llamados :)

                       Congratulations! bmeg llamados for making to the finals again. You really gave an intense fight 🙂 Thank you PJ Simon for saving the game 🙂 You can beat rain or shine. Bmeg planet will gonna rock Smart Araneta 🙂 I hope I can have the chance to watch your game at Araneta. Since when I was in grade 4, I was already your fan. Back then, when you beat Red Bull Barako at finals. Imagine I’m already a college student. haha. I saw how Alvin Patrimonio, and castillo played at your team (purefoods team)and how Eugene Tejada got injured :(. I can still remember having a notebook about all your games, from the scores, best player of the game, best defender, and your statistics. haha

                       How I wish I can get a chance to see you all or atleast watch your fight at the smart araneta (and that would be my first time). Every time I watch your game, I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack with my intense screaming and clapping

                  Go bmeg! Go!  Pinoy and Black Sakuragi, Go Papa ping, Go pj, jc, rafi, mark, yancy, gaco, james, and the rest of the team. #bmegplanet will rock smart araneta 🙂

       Bmeg LLamados for back to back championship 🙂

disclaimer: picture came from one of bmeg’s fan page at facebook

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