I’m longing to seize a bit of inspiration to write. But I just don’t know why. I’m quite clueless. Perhaps it’s the tediousness controlling my system. The saddest part of becoming a writer is not knowing what exactly to write. I’ve heard some compliments for my works, it made me happy. Of course, it uplifted my spirit. But the moment I’m alone, my fear would haunt me, would question my ability, and would question my strength.

          My journey as a writer would not go smoothly and this is just the part of it.

          P.S: I know this is not me. This is not the entire me. You’ve known me and this is not the kind of amae you wanted to hear. But sometimes, negativity seems to help me ponder about life.

21 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. You will get inspiration when you don’t look for it, …and you know life isn’t always smooth, we have ups and downs, but believe in yourself because you can do it and you are good at it. Remember you are amaziing! Hug Ute!


  2. Amae, I have just begun to do something I’ve read, heard other writers do. That’s carrying a notebook and pen everywhere I go… and writing down ideas I have to write about. I make sure my notebook is very pretty… the cover looks very nice… so, that it makes me happy to look at it. :))) Love, Granny Gee


  3. I echo the idea of carrying a small notebook. When I go back and read my notes, I’m amazed at the many good ideas I’ve had and I am always so glad I did not allow my ideas to “evaporate” and be lost forever. Smile! 🙂


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