My Ultimate Crushes

Another unproductive day for me. I’ve been so lazy going out, since the heat is just so unbearable. Hey! Summer, why are you tormenting me? XD Anyway,  I’ve been thinking what to post on my blog – seems my mind is on vacation-, but since I saw my first showbiz crush on television yesterday, I’m going to post about my three ultimate crushes in showbiz. haha. Let’s start from no. 3 haha.

3. Marc Pingris of Bmeg Llamados

He  is my first ultimate crush ever in showbiz. haha. I started to notice him when I was so addicted in Basketball. I was still on my elementary days back then. And now, looking forward, I’m now sixteen, but I still had a huge crush on him. haha. Plus, he hasn’t changed. His looks and aggressiveness in court haven’t changed. In fact, he became better. Anyhow, best of luck for the finals against talk N’ text. They won the game 1, so I’m positive they’ll get the championship. Go bmeg =)

2. Neil Etheridge of Philippine Azkals

Golly! He’s so freaking hot! *shout. And I just found out that his just 21! wow! His young age for a professional goalkeeper is not quite visible, since his so excellent on the field with his movement like superman, flying in the field just to prevent the other team from scoring.  hihi.

And of course, for my recent crush and my top 1 is non other than…

1. Phillip Phillips of American Idol 11

Recently, he’s the one I’m dying for. (Kidding Aside!) His talent is just so superb. You could really see his passion to his music – the way he interpret and embrace the  lyrics of the song.  His voice is so ‘effin sexy. haha.  Swear! you’ll be carried away.

better watch this!

That’s all I can share. haha. Anyway, these are just my crushes, so I believe it’s pretty normal to at least have one. No judging! In reality naman, I don’t have a boyfriend – not yet ready for it. So for single woman, our responsibility is to please the Lord – written in Corinthians! 1 Corinthian 7:34 msg.


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