Jessica Sanchez advances to the top 3

Jessica Sanchez showing her emotions after singing And I’m telling you by Jennifer Holiday

After eight years, finally, Another Half-Filipino makes to the top 3 of American Idol. As Jessica Sanchez blew everyone’s mind and heart on her unbelievable rendition of And I’m not telling you (I’m not going) by Jennifer Holiday, it is expected that she’s going to advance on the next round, as she proves that she deserved “the save” by the judges.

Back from her previous performances, Sanchez was quite on the rough road after choosing unfamiliar songs which shunned the judges of giving her a standing ovation.

So as she sang And I’m not telling you, I’m not going, she’s definitely back. Everyone was astonished even Jennifer Holiday, hardly believing that a 16-year-old skinny little girl nailed and killed her song.

Anyway, Hollie Cavanagh finally ends her journey. So as Jessica advances to the top 3, we have to show our support by voting her – POWER VOTING FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ 🙂

Jessica Sanchez – And I’m telling you (I’m not going)

Finally, Jessica had another standing ovation from the judges as she sang And I”m telling you by Jennifer Holiday. She killed the song through her powerful voice and emotions. And everybody must agree, since she got the no. 1 spot trending topic worldwide on twitter.

Jessica is just one step away to finale – or I guess 2 step away until may 22!. Let’s start the power voting for her via online voting at facebook. Let’s make Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez be on the finale. Both of them really deserve to win!

Vote for Jessica Sanchez!

Jessica Sanchez really needs our vote, since the competition is getting tougher and tougher. So #america #teamjessica #blujays #Filipinos #philippines #westcoast,  let’s all unite for our little girl with great voice! She deserves to win! So you can vote for her just dial 1-866-idols-01 or 1-866-idol-07 or you can vote online on facebook.

FOR THE PHILIPPINE VOTES > you can vote at April 26,2012 at 10-12noon and 1 -3pm only (so our votes can be counted in US) you can vote online too via  facebook. – it’s 50 votes per person so maximize your votes!) or just dial at magic jack or skype 866-idols-01 or 866-idols-07 ( no need to dial 1)

So,  Jessica performed two songs which are the Bohemian Rhapsody and Dance with my father.

Let’s support Jessica Sanchez! She deserves it!

My Ultimate Crushes

Another unproductive day for me. I’ve been so lazy going out, since the heat is just so unbearable. Hey! Summer, why are you tormenting me? XD Anyway,  I’ve been thinking what to post on my blog – seems my mind is on vacation-, but since I saw my first showbiz crush on television yesterday, I’m going to post about my three ultimate crushes in showbiz. haha. Let’s start from no. 3 haha.

3. Marc Pingris of Bmeg Llamados

He  is my first ultimate crush ever in showbiz. haha. I started to notice him when I was so addicted in Basketball. I was still on my elementary days back then. And now, looking forward, I’m now sixteen, but I still had a huge crush on him. haha. Plus, he hasn’t changed. His looks and aggressiveness in court haven’t changed. In fact, he became better. Anyhow, best of luck for the finals against talk N’ text. They won the game 1, so I’m positive they’ll get the championship. Go bmeg =)

2. Neil Etheridge of Philippine Azkals

Golly! He’s so freaking hot! *shout. And I just found out that his just 21! wow! His young age for a professional goalkeeper is not quite visible, since his so excellent on the field with his movement like superman, flying in the field just to prevent the other team from scoring.  hihi.

And of course, for my recent crush and my top 1 is non other than…

1. Phillip Phillips of American Idol 11

Recently, he’s the one I’m dying for. (Kidding Aside!) His talent is just so superb. You could really see his passion to his music – the way he interpret and embrace the  lyrics of the song.  His voice is so ‘effin sexy. haha.  Swear! you’ll be carried away.

better watch this!

That’s all I can share. haha. Anyway, these are just my crushes, so I believe it’s pretty normal to at least have one. No judging! In reality naman, I don’t have a boyfriend – not yet ready for it. So for single woman, our responsibility is to please the Lord – written in Corinthians! 1 Corinthian 7:34 msg.


Let’s vote for Jessica Sanchez

I’m a fan of american idol. So might as well vote for my favorite contestant, Jessica Sanchez. It’s not because she’s Half Filipino so whatever, but I greatly believe with her talent considering her young age. Like what the judges used to say when they’re critiquing Jessica, ” The maturity of your voice is just so amazing!”
So you can vote Jessica through facebook. 50 votes per person! So please vote for her! or if you have skype account, just dial 866idols-05 but you should vote 1-3pm only today so it can be counted at US

So for the recent episode, Jessica performed falling by Alicia keys

So Jessica really needs our vote because 2 contestants are going to be eliminated tomorrow since Jessica was saved on the last performance. So PLEASE! vote for her! #USVote4JessicaSanchez

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

I’m loving this song :). Every time this song plays, I can veritably feel the beat. If this is new to you, try to listen to it. It just showed women’s empowerment! Go Girls! haha. I also love the version of Glee and American Idol.

yeah! 🙂

Jessica Sanchez was saved!

The news is kinda shocking because we all know from the very start that Jessica Sanchez has the guts to win American Idol. She was at the bottom three with Elise and Joshua. Then she was ALMOST eliminated for having the lowest score. But, glad that she was saved by the American judges!

So during the performance, she sung stuttering by Jamie Sullivan.

Jessica Sanchez is still on the trending topic at twitter. Everyone tweet about their rants about the result which only showed how they greatly disliked that Jessica got the lowest votes.