What an experience :D

Oh well. I had a great great da. I have just experienced how to be an applicant. And yes, it’s a cool experience. We went to DepEd at pasig ro apply for a summer Job. Though it’s quite far from our house, we still manage to go there because we badly need an extra compensation. Hahaha. Kidding Aside. But it’s really really fun and what’s the funniest thing we did is when we went back to shaw boulevard with the use of our feet. Oh i mean, we walked from DepEd up to Shaw boulevard. Quite amazing ? hahaha. But it’s really normal for us that’s how we fathom our money. We really really Value the money which are given by our parent that’s why I wanna earn an income coming from my Hard works. I think it’ll help me also to be an indenpent person as well as value more each money that was given to me. bow.

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