The Lucky One

“Everyone has their own destiny, but not everyone makes a choice to follow it, I’m lucky I did.” – Logan Thibault

That’s the last thing Logan (Zac Efron) said on the movie and that line came from the epilogue of the book. Well, I really like the movie more than the book. I’ve read the book last year, when I’m greatly and madly in love with Nicholas Sparks‘ books. ( RF: I started enjoying reading books, -and become my hobby- when I stumbled from Sparks’ book,  A Walk to Remember.)  This book has pushed me to stop from my goal, ( to read all Sparks’ books) since it has a lot of similar idea from his earlier novels. As if this book was the result of recycled ideas from all his novels. That’s why I kinda wonder, from all his novels, why did they choose The Lucky one to consign in big screen? #justsayin hihi.

So all my questions were answered, when I watched the movie yesterday. Well, It didn’t disappoint me.  The flow of story is so smooth, same with the characters like Zac Efron who did an amazing job portraying Logan Thibault. I must say that he was already matured in his craft. From the high-school-musical-thingy wherein he just used to make “pa-cute face” into a so matured character like this. So I have to give credit to the casting management, they did a great job. So with  Taylor Schilling who played Elizabeth Clayton. She’s so damn sexy! Like her body.  I have to admire her for accepting this break, since the bed scenes are so intense (no wonder, why its PG 13) Of course, I would not forget Blythe Danner, who played the mother of beth, made the movie so humorous. Havey! ang mga linyahan niya. =)

Of course, this movie would not be successful without a good director behind it. So great job Mr. Scott Hicks. I think he should be the one to direct Catching Fire next year so that the book fanatics of HG would deeply appreciate the movie =) Anyway, I greatly admire how he interpreted and translated the story and transformed it into a good picture. I think Mr. Hicks must lecture other directors who are whirling  the book into movie.  =)

I’m greatly satisfied with the movie, so thumbs- up for all the cast and crews. You deserve praises =)I Anyhow, I hope Bend in the Road of Sparks will be turned into movie too.