Catching Fire

I just finished reading catching fire -second book of the Hunger Games– yesterday. Poor me. haha. Well basically, it’s all about REBELLION. a lot of rebellion. On my perception again, it didn’t quite excite me on first half part of it. However, when I was on the last few pages or at the arena per se, it offered me real excitement just like how I felt on the book of HG.

The entire Panem is planning a rebellion against President Snow. Some uprisings in different districts are already starting. So Katniss think that maybe in her own district, she can start an uprising. But Haymitch disagreed with her plan saying that district 12 isn’t ready for any uprisings.
On the other part, the 75th Hunger Games started and everyone was shocked when Pres. Snow announced that all living victors from different district will be a tribute again. And so, Katniss and Peeta will be back again on the arena pretending to be lovers again.
However, Katniss come to realize that she has one and only aim; to save peeta. And at the end of the book, they were separated for peeta was on the hand of the capitol.

Pardon for the very short summary of Catching Fire. Kinda Lazy to tell all the story. So to my advice READ THE BOOK. 🙂

Ugly Truth (Movie of Hunger Games)

I’m not here to lambast the movie of HG. I’m just here to express my sincerest sorrow for the movie. haha. First of all, I was so upset with the movie. It didn’t give much justice with the book. But of course, this is just my perception. I’m not generalizing it. Some of you might like it. So if you like the movie, better not read this post. hihihi.


Spread positivity but I really don’t like the movie. haha. First, It didn’t excite me when the movie started. It just explained how hunger games started. Also, the fast transition of the cam made me feel so dizzy. Perhaps, what’s the purpose? Whatever the purpose is, The movie didn’t achieve it. Consider the idea that we were on the very front row at the movie theater ‘coz the movie house was so jump-packed and we have no choice but to sit on the first row. haha. Another thing,  Madge, the mayor’s daughter in the book, wasn’t showed on the movie. She was the one whose suppose to give the mockingjay to katniss  and I really don’t like the idea that katniss got it from the older woman (gawa kwento? *chos).And to my major dislike, is when the game started. I didn’t get any fear or kaba moment when they’re on the cornucopia to get the supply. A lot of them were killed there and it was supposed to look so much brutal. But how would it look brutal and how would it give you kaba or jittery moment, when there’s no sound at all. haha. (naka-mute? XD) Moreover, I was so upset at the moment when katniss is going to cornucopia to get a supply for Peeta‘s sake. During that time, She was hit at the forehead but where’s the bloody moment. It was supposed to make you feel afraid. It looks like an okay moment. haha.  At the last part of the movie, haaaay! another fail moment. President Snow was just showed then end. (then safe and sound music) how would everyone get excited when that’s just the end. You won’t get curious or anything. (parang, matapos lang) I would have liked the end of the movie, if president would have said something significant or something that everyone would look forward to watch catching fire. Overall, I felt so morose ‘coz the book is so so good. Far away better from the movie. The movie didn’t give justice 😦 I was betrayed by the trailer. haha. The trailer is so good so what happens to the movie? *charey

On the different note, havey na din kasi ang gwapo ni Gale. I love Gale more than Peeta. hahaha.Image

We all have different taste naman *chos. haha

AND TO MY LAST ADVICE > Please do READ THE BOOK. You’ll really appreciate my rants. The book is so so good. I assure you.


Amae ♥