5 Values You Will Learn From Blogging

It all started once upon a time…

There was an insecure writer who wanted to escape from all criticisms – closely from all the Grammar Nazis found on her Facebook friends. She was afraid to post even a single note fearing that she could receive judgment concerning her writing style or her usage of grammar. So instead of posting on her Facebook Profile, she searched for other platform where she could clearly express her thoughts and experience the freedom that she wanted.  Upon looking, there she found her majestic palace: WordPress, the place where she embraced the joy and peace of being a writer.

And now, four solid years have passed. Wow. I could never imagine reaching this far. Though I have that inconsistency every now and then, I still managed to make it. Honestly, I came to a point of deleting my account. Of course, it was due to my drowning insecurity – sign of my immaturity before – within me. Anyway, I’m over with that issue. 🙂

This is how I went through. Allow me to share what helped me from my four years of journey in blogging

4th yr

1. Never bother what people will think of you

 People will always have something to say. And you can never control that fact to be in favor upon you. I just told you, I’m an insecure writer before who used to reason out that she’s not good enough.  For that reason, I made my initial blogging a top-secret to my friends even to my closest. Almost no one knew that I’m writing and posting some stuff here. I remember a friend of mine for years just discovered my blog last year. She expressed in surprise, “Amae, bakit hindi mo sa akin sinabi na my blog ka pala?” (Amae, why didn’t you tell that you have a blog?) I was just laughing when I heard that to my friend so it showed how effective I am to keep my blog away from them. Haha.

 We can never really please people at all – cliché as it sounds – but we need to be reminded about that. Some people will never understand the cause that you are joining or the things that you are doing. After all, do their opinions matter? What really matters is that you love your craft. That’s it.

When I was able to understand this, I began to have a new mindset regarding blogging. From being insecure and fearful, I became bolder to stand with the message that I’ve been sharing on my blog. I need to face my fear and accept my weakness or else I’ll just stumble.

 So you have to remember, fear is always there – fear of acceptance, rejection, criticism from people or what. What you need to do is just face it because there is no way for you to run away with it; you have to deal with it.

2. You should know your purpose

 What is my purpose in blogging? The answer to that question should be bigger and founded so that when busyness, timidity, and other problems come, you can still manage to maintain your blog.

 There are times that I really don’t feel to write. But I still need to write. I have to fight over that feeling because it would affect me badly if I didn’t overcome it. There are times that I can’t find time to blog, yet I would keep on blogging. That is because of the purpose. The reason why I continue blogging for years.

My purpose is to inspire people and send hope to them, telling them that hey! Life is not miserable and pointless at all that there’s always hope above there which is always available to everyone.

3. You will never know who you are inspiring

 There will come a time that you will feel like nothing is really happening. But you need not to buy on that idea. It’s just a trap that will stop you from doing what you love. You have to continue no matter what because you will never know who you are inspiring.

 I remember I was away from blogging for weeks when I received e-mails saying that they were inspired on my blog and they were asking me when will I have my next blog post. So after reading those messages, I immediately turned my laptop and contemplated for my next blog topic.

In reality, you can’t really afford to ignore or neglect something when you know that what you are doing is a great help and inspiration booster to a lot of people.

4. Never neglect the power of social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. It can change hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people out there. We need to maximize the social media to create that difference and change that we wanted to see.

Blogging is just another way to maximize the social media. If you are planning to, it would be better to carry out that plan and start inspiring other people through your writings and your personal story. 

Here is my favorite video where globe tattoo illustrated how powerful social media is

 5. Keep sharing love and hope

A lot of people are hungry with love and hope. And As I received that kind of love and hope from God, this one of my way to share this to everyone. Don’t be selfish. Share it! Help me my fellow bloggers to saturate the social media with His love. Let’s proclaim His name.


To end this post, I would just like to thank EVERYONE (for I cannot mention you all) who made my life more meaningful for if not I could not post any interesting/inspiring/helpful topic. Thank you for those who have been visiting my blog despite of my inconsistency. Hihi.

 Cheers for more years of my blog. I’m planning to gear up my blog. Hope you could help me too with my layout. Hoho

All glory belongs to Him. God bless!

What I learned from Waiting Patiently

And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised – Hebrews 6:15

Abraham waited for so long to have a son. He endured every suffering throughout his journey to receive the promise of God. And despite of impossibilities, he believed the Lord, and it was credited to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6). God saw his faith and character that is why he obtained the promise.

Sometimes time will test you. Will you keep on waiting or will you just settle for less? I could have settled for less. But because I have known God throughout good and bad season, I remained to cling on His promises – knowing that He cannot lie and His promises will soon be fulfilled on His perfect and beautiful time.

Some people have decided to compromise because they think that waiting just increases their agony. In times that they have no idea what will happen next, they settle for less. What waiting patiently has taught me is that to deepen my faith in times that I don’t know what future is ahead of me. I just embrace the idea that God has best and amazing plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11). Waiting patiently stretches my faith as I continue to believe on what I do not see.

Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1). Even there’s small distracting voice trying to make you worry, your faith will encourage you to believe and trust on Him. You will be reminded that you have a big and awesome God who would fulfill His promises on our lives.

Waiting for something or someone is just another testing to surpass. It may be painful, but at the end it will be all worth it. The process of waiting will build your character and will deepen your relationship to Him.

While waiting, just do your best in all areas of your life for the glory of God. Work with all your heart for you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is Christ you are serving. (Colossians 3:23-24). Focus on what God wants you to do and keep your trust on Him for the latter will always be greater than the former.

And whatever will happen on your life, it’s always according to the His plan. Be the best that God wants you to be while you are waiting patiently

Weekly Writing Challenge: I wish I were

(I hope it’s not too late to participate in the weekly writing challenge.)

           If you ask me about the happiest part of my life so far, I will offer you one single answer, my high school life.

           I did enjoy my High School life. I did relish every single moment of it. That every time the memories will flashback, it will give me an immensely smirk on my face. It is where I experienced almost all the “first time” – first sleepless night, first hang-out with my friends, first overnight on my classmate’s crib, first crush, first heartbreak, first major fight with friends etc. And this is where I met the best people in my life – my authentic set of friends and my great mentor. 🙂

            However, I wish I were able to balance the enjoyment and my dream when I was there. I wish I were able to focus on my chosen path and my future career. And I wish I were able to take my next step seriously.

            I wish I were a freewheeling student yet driven and hardworking.

            Here in the Philippines, everyone’s dream is to be accepted on the Prestigious University of the Philippines. I was part of those hopefuls desiring to get the limited spot. I really wanted to get there; however, I felt that I didn’t give my entire effort to fulfil that dream. I didn’t take my schooling seriously when I was in my Third year High School. All I did is enjoying the moments with my friends, enjoying all the extra-curricular activities I’m part of without even bothering that my academic standing was drowning.

             It got worse as I reached my senior year. It was the time that I learned to skip classes and chose to prioritize my extra-curricular activities than my academics. It really came to the point that my academic standing was really dying.

              So as the entrance examination for my dream school approached, I made a little review. I thought that what I learned from my science-oriented school was all enough. I didn’t even enrol myself on a review center. I just trusted mostly on my stock knowledge.

             So to cut the long story short, I failed to pass on my chosen campus. My score passed on the other campuses, but not on my dream campus. I was greatly discouraged that time especially that most of my classmates were able to pass on their chosen campus. I cried that time to God realizing that I wasted the opportunity and the time.

             If I had just taken my dream seriously, I could have passed it. I could have studied there. Yes, I did regret it. I wish I had managed to enjoy my high school life and my studies.

             But of course, my life would not end after a failure. God has just made His plan smoothly.

            I’m currently studying on a state university where I’ve known God ultimately. If I am not here, I wouldn’t have this such relationship with God right now. I would not be this person I am today.

           I believe God has a plan on everything. He has His own reason why he let it happened to me. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 27:11

          I did regret at first, but now, I finally understand God’s purpose on my life. I believe testing produces character. So I would never ever question and interfere on God’s plan for my future.

          Besides, what matters is the learning behind your failure. I learned to focus more on my studies. I establish “excellency” on my study habit. And most importantly, I now walked with light.

           Hence, my failure became a blessing in disguise. 

       (The opportunity on entering on my dream school hasn’t barred, and I’m right now undergoing certain decision-making about it. But whatever the outcome is, I believe if it’s the Lord’s will, let it be done)  

            God bless everyone! 

Much Love, 
Amae ❤