New family

So finally after exchanging of e-mails, got to meet Sir Bob Corrales part of the LEADS-CEGP. Of course, I don’t forget Sir Louie Segismundo for everything. I’m excited to meet my new mentors who will surely inspire and motivate me to pursue my passion. Also, I’m excited to meet my fellow scholars. Meeting new family is nice right? I’m just so excited of the wisdom that they can impart to me. What they’ve gone through during their college years is something worth sharing. It sparks and burns my heart to fight in the battle arena of life, to be courageous and welcome the every day struggle. Through our conversation I realized several things:

1. Never forget to look back

2. If you want to get noticed, excel and show off your talent.

3. You don’t have the right to rant and make excuses about your current life. Because you’re not the only person who experienced such kind of situation. If you want to get rid of your life. Then stop making excuses.

I just thank God for another blessing. New year, 2013, is just starting and I could no longer contain my happiness for the continuous downpour of blessings. Thank you Lord! I owe everything to you

God bless everyone!

What is the key to success?


    I got a simple solution: Doing what is more than required. No one can pay off hard work and effort. Even bunch of money cannot tantamount to it. So the only way to smell the sweet aroma of success is the willingness to do what is more than required. It is the willingness of doing the best. It is the willingness of excelling in your field. It is the willingness of bringing out your best on a very simple task. And of course, It’s creating an extraordinary thing over an ordinary task. It all start to your willingness. When you finally combined your urge and willingness, then the action will soon come out. Then you will suddenly be excited of reaching the peak. You will suddenly visualize the dreams that you’ve seized for so long. Then you become the hungriest person ever battling for his/her dreams. But just don’t stretch yourself much. Because along your journey, there will be pain, failures, happiness – like a roller coaster ride feeling. But just remember that it’s part of molding your character, sharpening your mind, and making you stronger. There’s no easy way to get in the road of success. No single shortcut. So as you are still on the way, you just got to enjoy the destination.  Because soon you will realize that your journey is the best testimony of your life. 

Note: Thank you Sir Bob Corrales of LEADS-CEGP for the wisdom. I’m excited to meet new mentors to guide my life.