Nothing is far-fetched

 (I know you  have the same sentiment of doing this kind of “self-centered article” over and over again. I mean doing this kind of “about me” article every start of your semester. Anyway, I just want to post it here, not for the sake of blogging, but I guess just for the sake of updating my blog. LOL)

            “By Airamae A. Guerrero” appears a good byline right? 10 years from now, will I be the same lady with full of eagerness to write? Will all my persuasion to convince my parents be worth it? And so, will I carry the responsibility of choosing this path?

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       I still managed to stalk my professor’s blog, even I still have two “self-centered” articles to finish today.  I can really recall her advice that we should know our prof’s way/style of writing, so we can easily catch or grab his/her taste. Hence, I did. My highest respect is on her,  to her utmost love for her profession – a journalist and a professor.

I still have lots of errands to do; One, is for my identification card.  I don’t have an I.D yet, for so-hard-to-explain reason. Anyway, Looking forward to at least start my two articles later. Thanks for my prof’s reflection, I now have a reason/inspiration to write.

God Bless.

What’s good about yesterday =)

 Yesterday, was so so great day for me.  I started my day going to PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) with my mom for my enrollment. Well, I’m certified PUPian already =) However, the procedure was just so memorable. haha.  Every step of the procedure has its own tremendous line as if from Baclaran up to Mall of Asia. (puno talaga ng pila! kaloka!) So it’s kinda fulfilling finishing those procedure just for one day. Anyway, what’s good about it is that you’ll learn to have more patience. Like what the cliché says, “Good thing comes to those who wait”.  And I was so overjoyed because I ended up finishing the first book of Corinthians while I’m on my line waiting to be called.

  By 5pm we’re already done and we decided to leave PUP. Imagine we went there by 9am. haha. Then, Mama and I decided to head at Glorietta to watch The Lucky One.  I must say that the movie is better than the book – just my perception. Anyway, I’ll just  post another blog na lang about it, because the movie is so freaking good. So of course, we decided to  feed our growling stomach first. Imagine we ordered for extra rice pa! haha.

  At the end, we went home by 10:30. Anyway,  I already got my sched na din.  I was so so overjoyed, because I have no Math subject! yey! I really admit that I suck in Math.  Also glad that I have more English subjects! and I have communication subjects too. So you might be wondering why I don’t have any math subjects, I choose Journalism kasi.  So basically, my major is more on English.  Hence, I’m excited to develop my writing and communication skills. =)

 Oh, how could not I forget the last question that the interviewer asked me. He told me that If I am sure about my course, since there’s no money in Journalism. The question is no longer new to me. I’ve heard it gazillion times from everyone. But, my stand is always the same.  Once you love what you’re doing, you’ll no longer search or look for superficial things. Money is money, but still happiness is happiness and so with Fulfillment. Once I am fulfilled and contented, that’s all it! I’m pretty sure that the Lord will help me through this =)

Journalist na ang peg =) I’m positve!