Thank you and Sorry Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna will let you feel sorry
for our country
for what it has turned over the years
for how we are still longing to be free.
And the most heartbreaking of all, for Filipinos have remained divided.

Grabbed from Heneral Luna’s Facebook Page. From Erad Crowley Source:

The empathy for our sacrificial lambs who fought and died for our freedom rises as Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna hit the screen for its third week already. To label Heneral Luna as a good movie is such an understatement. The team behind the movie did more than that. Kudos!

Heneral Luna is a great awakening to all sleeping Filipinos on their own Homeland. It challenged us to do something NOW and learn from our past mistakes.

In the midst of issues like corruption, serious traffic jam and the upcoming 2016 election, Tarog showed what we can do and what we can contribute. The message was blatantly strong but it was delivered soft and comically that a normal Juan can grasp. Tarog did not choose a particular audience for his message, but he chose everyone of us – whether students, businessman, leaders. etc.

The movie slapped all trapo leaders and politicians who’ve been running the government for years or decades already. Perhaps Heneral Luna would straightly tell on their face, “Bayan o sarili? Pumili ka!” And it is also a smacked to all Filipinos who have embraced colonial mentality and have let themselves alienated to their own country.

It will throw you questions like, what have you contributed to your country? Were you part of those people who just complained and never made an action? Or were you just part of those who settle and just accepted the harsh situations?

It’s been a long time since I last got struck by a Filipino movie. I was struck and was challenged to revisit the history that was seemed to be forgotten by many. Indeed, we can learn from our history and once more appreciate it.

My heart for national transformation gets burned once more and reminded me that we can still do something. It’s not yet too late to raise another generation who will take the national leadership. There is a cry and hope in my heart that it is not yet too late.

Tarog implied through his movie on how we should choose on the upcoming 2016 election. And here are the leadership values I learned from the movie:

  1. A leader is a strength of his follower
    When situations get tough, the leader gets tougher. There is no room for faintness when you are in the middle of war. As the leader, you have to show how valiant you are to your followers and you have to be with them come hell and high water. Because when followers are discouraged, you role is to boost their confidence and  encourage them.
  2. Leader must have an ardent heart for his purpose
    If you have that zealous heart, you can do something more than what you can imagine. The leader must have purpose higher than himself so that he is always after for other people.
  3. A leader must be wise and strategic
    It’s not enough that you have the heart and the vision, you must be wise and strategic enough to carry out what you have seen.
  4. Build other leaders
    If you want to keep the legacy, you must learn how to build successors. This is the reason why our country turned to be like this (if you know what I mean), the reason why there are still remaining trapo leaders in the country.

When will be the time that we will encounter another set of leaders like Heneral Luna, Jose Rizal, and Andres Bonifacio? Do we have to wait for the sequel of Heneral Luna to do something for our country? Let’s not be the problem but let’s be a solution.

Grabbed from Heneral Luna’s Facebook page. From From @somemidnights Source:

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

YSA Skincare Review: Diamond Peel

Thanks YSA skin and body experts and to Light Network

Thanks YSA skin and body experts and to Light Network

Growing up, I’m not the type of girl who religiously takes care of her skin . Of course, I know the proper hygiene like washing the face every night and the like. Thanks to my mother dear for introducing me her beauty rituals and products. Here’s the result: 

Thanks to puberty! haha

 Did you see it? Were you alarmed or shocked? Haha. I just can’t get enough with this photo. Because I’m a lefty, the after portion was placed on the left. The left side was just taken last year and the right side was my high school moments. Anyway, enough with the introduction.

Last month, YSA clinic has given me the opportunity to try their diamond peel and IPL hair removal treatment as part of the Light Network Bloggers’ Group.   I decided to visit them at their Greenfield branch since it is the most convenient place and nearest branch to me. 

Greenfield branch of YSA

 YSA’s Greenfield branch

I had the diamond peel for the first treatment (will post another review for their IPL hair removal treatment). Peeling your skin is one of the most relaxing treatments. Are you curious why it was called diamond peel? It is simply because the tip of the instrument used is filled with real diamond dust that scrapes the top of your skin. 

This is the YSA's equipment for Diamond Peeling treatment.

This is the YSA’s equipment for Diamond Peeling treatment.

After the treatment, I can initially feel the glow on my skin that it was able to breathe for a while. Diamond peel is open for all especially if you wanted to rejuvenate your skin and have a better complexion.  It typically removes all the dead skin on your face. 

Before the diamond peel treatment

Before the diamond peel treatment

Diamond peel is best experience when you have your facial treatment first. I wish they’d let me experience the facial treatment first before the diamond peel. Anyway, I still felt my dead skin removed after the procedure. 

So why try Diamond Peel Treatment at YSA Skincare Center?

  1. They have an affordable price plus promos and packages! 
Here's is their packages. You can zoom the picture or just visit their website

Here are their packages. You can zoom the picture or just visit their website

You can visit their website at YSA Skin and Body Experts or their facebook page.

          2. YSA gives you relaxing and cozy ambiance


I just love the color 🙂 

With their staff

With their staff

              3. Nobody can love you better! #Nobodylovesmebetter

After the diamond peel treatment :D

After the diamond peel treatment 😀

So to all ladies, go to your nearest YSA branch to pamper yourself and have your skin treated. You deserve the best service, try YSA skincare clinic. 

The New Face in Town: PIE FACE PH

Pie Face, gracing the Philippines for the first time, is now knocking the hearts of every Filipino with its specialty of savoury pies and a world class and award winning brand of coffee.

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Luscious Coffee and Cakes

Who would turn down this uplifting face of pies?  The smile of these big and mini pies can actually encourage someone’s day from a busy and tiring day. The touch of creativity makes the pies more enticing and pleasing. 

happy pie 1

Savoury Pies

You can surely have a quality time from this store as it offers variety of food like sweet pies, cakes, brownies, sandwich, and even ice blended coffee.

Their store is located at SM Mall of Asia, ground floor beside the Sbarro restaurant. It is a newly open store all the way from Australia, but they are still planning to expand the store and make this more popular all over the town. So better wait for more PIE FACE store to open on other places in Metro Manila. 


Yummy brownies, cookies, and cakes

Big Pies

Big Pies

pie 1

Wide_variety choice of big and mini pies

I can assure you that you will not regret trying their pies and will certainly come back with their scrumptious pies that are hand crafted. The price of big pies range from Php 99 – Php 130 while mini pies are Php 49 per piece. 


My personal fave from all the pies is the Philly Cheese Steak. Its taste will leave you speechless as it contains perfect choice of ingredients. I highly recommend Philly Cheese Steak to anyone. Even the Steak, Bacon and Cheese is also good


. What I also love among their offer is the Chocolate Croissant which only cost for Php 80. You better try this one for you will feel that it’s freshly baked and easy to bite. 

pie 2

I personally enjoy my stay at PIE FACE. I suggest this to students who wanted relaxation away from the demand of acads life or for a student who wanted to prepare for an upcoming examination. Their place is cozy enough with its serene ambiance that can cater the peace that you need. 


cheese stick

I wasn’t able to try this cheese stick which cost Php 42. But the name itself intrigue me. So I will try this one once I get back along with my friends to the store. 


I highly recommend Pie Face to anyone. You will surely enjoy your stay with their offer of beverage and wide-range choice of food. Your money will not get ever wasted and will certainly experience satisfaction. I would like to commend the people behind Pie Face for bringing this to the Philippines. These people  have been so generous and I know all their generosity will turn to prosperity. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and loved ones to this store for you will obviously enjoy it. For more information, you can check out their social media accounts for the following:

Facebook: Pie Face PH
Twitter: @PiefacePH

Instagram: @piefaceph
Website: Pie Face PH

(The A-list Series) Beautiful Stranger

Author: Zoey Dean
Genre: Non-Teen Fiction, Romance
Rate: 3/5

Beautiful stranger is all about the glamour of A-list socialites Anna, Sam, Cammie, Die, Logan and Dee. It’s all about living in luxury. They are teenagers who don’t need to worry for their future. They all have the access and resources to everything. It can sum up with this short sentence: they get what they want.

Well, if you are just looking for book that has light and fun approach, then read this book. But if you want to dig deeper in life,  I coax you to read other books – like Coelho, Maxwell, King, and Brown.

Perception of Death Book Review


Author: Louise Anderson
Genre: Crime Fiction
Rate: 2/5

 Erin Paterson, tough and independent woman, doesn’t usually open up. She doesn’t give her trust easily, mainly because of her profession as a compensation lawyer of the Paterson, Paterson and Co. firm. However, along her potent personality, there rests her vulnerability inside. 

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Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

“Pain and suffering are used to justify the one thing that should bring joy: love” – Maria of Eleven Minutes

                Maria, a woman eager to get her life rid of poverty, took another step as she accepted the offer of a man whom she barely knows. Working on a foreign country, Switzerland was the only way she can think to fulfill her dreams.

                 However, as soon as she reached her destination, she was surprised that what she pictured out from her mind was entirely different from the reality. Yes, she can still accomplish her dreams but she has to let go of herself. It was like gaining what you want at the same time losing what you possess.

               Maria, even with a downcast heart, was compelled to become a prostitute. She was already there, on a country in which everything was foreign to her, so going back on her homeland was her last option. And her first and difficult option was to sell her own body.

               She was more than willing to fight and offer her body for her dreams. She was willing to let go of herself just to go home with loads of money and a farm for her parents. That was her only goal when she went to Switzerland and worked at the Copacabana as a prostitute. Earning loads of money became her motivation to survive on the filthy industry of prostitution. She made love with different kinds of guys; rich, poor, married, single, young, old and etc. Just name it all. Of course, it was never easy for her but she has to survive and earn money. And falling in love in any guy or her customers she has sexed with was the one of the serious things she’s avoiding.

               It was never difficult for her to avoid that, until she met a successful and affluent painter, Ralf hart. It was at their first meeting when Hart told Maria that she has the “light” in which Maria could hardly comprehend. And the moment they got to know more each other, she knew she would do what she was avoiding: to fall in love. She tried to control her emotion with Hart, but she just end up of falling in love with him more.

               However, at the end, would she follow her dreams of going back to Brazil with loads of money or would she follow her heart of pursuing the guy who showed utmost respect and love for her? You should read the book and find out what happens.

                  With this kind of story, the author showed the in-depth side of a prostitute woman. Coelho barred the stereotype of a prostitute as just mere women selling their body for living or for pleasure. He showed the other angle, as how prostitutes just like normal people earning for a living struggle in life and face troubles.

                 This book is certainly a good material to read. It’s just the matter of being open-minded on certain issue. It may touch one of the sensitive issues of our culture, but it will bring realizations and lesson that you thought you could never know.

                  I assure you there’s more to this book than sex.