The Other Side of Blogging: Affiliate Marketing

I guess I’m not too young to learn affiliate marketing.

Monetizing out of blogging was never an issue to me since writing is just simply my passion. And this passion fuels me to continue loving the craft that I have chosen to pursue.

But from a mere love and hobby, blogging is now taking me to another level – professionally. For more than a year, I’ve been attending events as a blogger and have been connected to other groups and bloggers as well. I came across with different set of experienced bloggers which let me understand the other side of blogging.

So here comes another event that took me out of my comfort zone: Lazada Affiliate Online Revolution.

With my fellow affiliates and the team behind the program. Visit their facebook page (here)

I got an Alcatel Flash 2 (Here) from the event. Thanks Lazada and Alcatel for the wonderful treat. I will post another entry for my review about the phone. But so far so good with my experience. And Lazada have special treat for you here:

Check it here!

This is certainly new to me. Of course, I know marketing as a context but not all the details. Why I decided to take part? Simply because I love to learn new things! Just making the most of the opportunity especially the fact that I’ll turn 20 next month!

Good thing I came. I learned things that would gear up my blog. Thanks to Mr. Mannix Pabalan, CEO of hashtag digital for all the tips and encouragement. I even had a meaningful conversation with him through twitteraffiliate

Motivation indeed! Despite miscues, I’ll venture this! I just wanted to challenge myself to come out from my box. Let’s see what will happen.

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