Craving? Check your Panda!

“I’m not me when I’m hungry!”

That’s my usual jest to my friends. Whenever I tell this, they already knew that I’m yearning for food or to the extreme, dead hungry.

This is how happy I am when eating!

I get hungry quickly. And its quite ironic because I have a skinny body type yet I ate like an elephant. Who wouldn’t love to eat?

Food has never failed to be my comfort especially when I’m facing the demand of academics and other extra curricular stuff as a graduating student. It is part of my starter pack as I endure and finish tediously all my requirements (thesis!) and other paper work

Look how skinny I am

I can never forget the time when I was so exhausted with all the requirements. It was already past midnight that time, all my family members were already sleeping, I was looking for my comfort, but to my dismay, our refrigerator was empty. I was longing for my comfort to regain the much needed strength to finish my activities.

So what happened next? my instinct urged me to resort to the most convenient – since it was past midnight – and fastest option to meet my comfort, call for ONLINE DELIVERY. 🙂

Yummy food!

I just searched  and clicked what I want to order and in just matter of minutes, Aha! cravings satisfied. But oops! How about the payment? 

Being a student, of course I don’t have that much. So I woke up my dearest kuya (older brother) to do the honor. Being the youngest – and the remaining student – on the family I have this gift of persuading my siblings that they can’t even resist me. (The key: be malambing and sincere.)

Online delivery has been my partner not just in finding comfort and satisfying my cravings but also meeting the convenience I always look forward. It beats the hustle and bustle of going to your favorite restaurants that aren’t near in your place. Time-saving indeed!

But if you are looking for the best of all online delivery, you can have it just click a way! Experience the service of Foodpanda with over 1000+ restaurants choices!

Easy and convenient, they also have an application for all android, apple & window users (Download it here for tasty deal!) 

Order your comfort food anytime and anywhere! You can get access to over 250 restaurants in around the metro with the help of foodpanda Mobile app.

Pizza, pasta, ice cream, chicken, cakes, salad or anything that you want, you can find it here. And you can have your payment with options of credit card or cash in delivery. 

If you are bombarded with tasks, busy on the demand of life and you can’t find time to visit your favorite restaurant, you no longer have excuse at all!  

One click away! Just click and call your panda! Your panda will be there to fill your starvation and satisfy your craving.  

What are you waiting for? Tell and check your panda! 

9 thoughts on “Craving? Check your Panda!

  1. Hi ate Amae! I know the feeling of eating too much without seeing its effects on your thin body. Haha. 🙂 I’ve been also visiting your blog for days for an expectation of learning something that might help me in being a newbie blogger. 🙂 Hope you can visit my blog too. 🙂

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