Dear FIBA Asia, please review referees’ calls

INTEGRITY MATTERS. With all due respect, are these the kind of international officiating referees you have? Considering all the bad calls made, who would have not questioned? 

China played well. They shoot well; they performed better. But the game could have ended a better and justifying way.

Entering as an underdog, we are all expecting that championship is going to be  physical and tough. Bahrami of Iran once said on the interview that Gilas needs luck to win the game. (Read: Gilas needs all luck it can get in Fiba Asia final vs China, says Iran’s Bahrami)

So we waited for intense plays and whatsoever, but all throughout we have only seen bad calls. It was like a desperate move for a gigantic team facing an underdog team.

I read from my facebook friend who traveled to China just to watch the game that he wasn’t able to enter the stadium for the game because he is a Filipino.


Covered the name of my facebook friend to protect him.

Another from the management of Gilas Pilipinas or no less than Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan posted several tweets updating the appaling situations happened hours before the ball game. (Read: Dirty tricks? Gilas runs late for FIBA Asia Final asteam bus left discharged)

Grabbed from my facebook friend

Grabbed from my facebook friend

There’s something wrong. We are after a clean game even if you justify that bad calls are always present every game (but I think this is the worst bad calls!)

Ending on the silver medal isn’t the issue here, it is the game itself. After all, we don’t have to prove something because being on the #FIBAAsiaChampionship2015 already means much. (Read: Gallant Gilas Pilipinas falls short in Olympic dream, yields to mighty China in FIBA Asia final)

grabbed from Sports Inquirer

The kind of play – considering an international match – and the ruling that happened on the game shouldn’t be tolerated or at least an investigation must be conducted. Of course, China’s victory is irrevocable. But by ruling, a proper sanction must be imposed if proven that there are irregularities made by the referees on the match. FIBA Asia must review the game. 

We were labeled the underdog and yet we felt like we were a threat. Getting the title is useless at all if a lot of people are complaining about the game. The heart of all Gilas players who have extended their efforts and have shown their heart to represent the country couldn’t be measured by just a title.

Our road to Rio is not yet over! There’s still the wildcard tournament next year.Thank you Gilas! Despite all boundaries, you have shown how huge your heart to represent our country #Puso #SaTamangPanahon 

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