Thank you and Sorry Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna will let you feel sorry
for our country
for what it has turned over the years
for how we are still longing to be free.
And the most heartbreaking of all, for Filipinos have remained divided.

Grabbed from Heneral Luna’s Facebook Page. From Erad Crowley Source:

The empathy for our sacrificial lambs who fought and died for our freedom rises as Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna hit the screen for its third week already. To label Heneral Luna as a good movie is such an understatement. The team behind the movie did more than that. Kudos!

Heneral Luna is a great awakening to all sleeping Filipinos on their own Homeland. It challenged us to do something NOW and learn from our past mistakes.

In the midst of issues like corruption, serious traffic jam and the upcoming 2016 election, Tarog showed what we can do and what we can contribute. The message was blatantly strong but it was delivered soft and comically that a normal Juan can grasp. Tarog did not choose a particular audience for his message, but he chose everyone of us – whether students, businessman, leaders. etc.

The movie slapped all trapo leaders and politicians who’ve been running the government for years or decades already. Perhaps Heneral Luna would straightly tell on their face, “Bayan o sarili? Pumili ka!” And it is also a smacked to all Filipinos who have embraced colonial mentality and have let themselves alienated to their own country.

It will throw you questions like, what have you contributed to your country? Were you part of those people who just complained and never made an action? Or were you just part of those who settle and just accepted the harsh situations?

It’s been a long time since I last got struck by a Filipino movie. I was struck and was challenged to revisit the history that was seemed to be forgotten by many. Indeed, we can learn from our history and once more appreciate it.

My heart for national transformation gets burned once more and reminded me that we can still do something. It’s not yet too late to raise another generation who will take the national leadership. There is a cry and hope in my heart that it is not yet too late.

Tarog implied through his movie on how we should choose on the upcoming 2016 election. And here are the leadership values I learned from the movie:

  1. A leader is a strength of his follower
    When situations get tough, the leader gets tougher. There is no room for faintness when you are in the middle of war. As the leader, you have to show how valiant you are to your followers and you have to be with them come hell and high water. Because when followers are discouraged, you role is to boost their confidence and  encourage them.
  2. Leader must have an ardent heart for his purpose
    If you have that zealous heart, you can do something more than what you can imagine. The leader must have purpose higher than himself so that he is always after for other people.
  3. A leader must be wise and strategic
    It’s not enough that you have the heart and the vision, you must be wise and strategic enough to carry out what you have seen.
  4. Build other leaders
    If you want to keep the legacy, you must learn how to build successors. This is the reason why our country turned to be like this (if you know what I mean), the reason why there are still remaining trapo leaders in the country.

When will be the time that we will encounter another set of leaders like Heneral Luna, Jose Rizal, and Andres Bonifacio? Do we have to wait for the sequel of Heneral Luna to do something for our country? Let’s not be the problem but let’s be a solution.

Grabbed from Heneral Luna’s Facebook page. From From @somemidnights Source:

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

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