Things I learned from 2014

We all shared memorable situations that have struck our lives. Here are some of the things I learned from 2014:

1. Age is just a number; dare to stand out
Whether you are young, teenager, adult, or on your ending years, it does not matter at all. Your age is never an excuse for you to reach your goals. It will never dictate who you are. Only your maturity will dictate your level of growth and competence. So take risk and dare to be the best.

2. Don’t look down on yourself; believe on your capabilities

There is no reason for you to compare yourself from the others. Some people are just really better than you. But that’s not the reason to look down and doubt on yourself. You are a great person full of potentials. If you believe that you can, you can reach whatever your dreams. Throw your unnecessary fear and have that positive mindset. Remember, you can if you say you can!

3. Go extra mile; maximize the time

You can never see any successful person who just sit around and wait for their turn. Every successful person did what is more than required. They have stretched themselves to get better result.

If you want to reach your goals, then don’t entertain negativity. Do activities everyday that will lead you to your goals. Set practical applications and keep your dreams and vision alive. Seal it on your heart and mind so you will have that motivation to accomplish your dreams

Don’t waste time. While you still have ample of time, maximize it to reach your goals. Be proactive and productive!

4. There are people who are looking for directions. Be the person to help them and bring out the best in them. Be compassionate!

Be a blessing. What is your greatest contribution on earth? For me, it is helping other people and being an instrument for them to reach their dreams and do their purpose of their lives.

There are a lot of broken people out there. People who are looking for answers, longing for something and finding their happiness. Be there to help them. Help them find their directions and teach them to dream bigger dreams  because you have the capacity to bless other people

5. Don’t lower your standard; be the example
Be the example. Be the change that you wanted to see. There are a lot of people who have decided to ruin their lives. To go on drugs, commit suicide and etc. Do not decide to be one of them. Be an inspiration for them. Help those who do not have life to get life. You will only live once so decide now to live it right.

6. When you hardly understand the situation, trust the Master Planner
Time will come when there will be unexpected twist and turns of your life. Things that are just out of your plan, far away from the things that you have expected. But just trust the Master Planner, He knows what He is doing. Trust Him because He got an amazing plans for you.

So as the year ends, it’s the right time to evaluate your life. What happened or what you have turned after 2014 is now your past. Forget every bad and mistake that you have made. Learn from it and don’t commit the same mistake. And whatever your successes are, forget it as well and achieve higher.

I’m sure you have also realization and lesson that you have gotten from 2014. Why not share it to other people as well?

A prosperous new year everyone!

Have an amaezing year everyone!

6 thoughts on “Things I learned from 2014

  1. This a wonderfully wise post! Amae I am so proud of you, you are a really amazing lady! I wish you and your family a really amazing new year. Shine Amae as you always do and be a light for others! Love you! Hugs Ute ♥


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