My blog is already outdated from the track of my life. It saddens me to see that I wasn’t able to post the peak of my year. I considered my four months of hiatus here on my blog as the peak of my year. That months have helped me grow as an individual, as a student, and as a Filipino. I’m really looking forward to share those stories here before 2013 ends.

I know the feeling is not the same if I posted that at the exact time I’ve done or experienced it. But I still have someway to share those on you. I have to make a way. I can’t afford that those stories or experiences will just remain on my memory. Who knows that those situations that I have experienced could change someone else? Those stories can inspire, influence, and instigate someone to do his own action for change. Hmmm, are you excited about that? I hope so. Anyway, Thank you for visiting my outdated blog. haha.  As much as I promise to post on my blog regularly, I hope my time and persistence would compel me to keep that promise. 🙂

FYI, I just turned 18 last November 15. I’m now officially at legal age and of course a WOMAN. Let’s embrace life with excitement and love. No matter how busy we are, let’s not forget to smile. God bless everyone

Much Love,

Amae – though I’m piled with tasks and tight sched, I’m still the Amaezing Kid ❤

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