Make a difference!

One of the priceless moments that a writer could ever have is to know that there are someone on his back reading and checking out his blog. 

Out of nowhere, while waiting for someone, a friend of mine shouted my name as a sign of salutation. Then suddenly, a person behind him – to whom he is talking – abruptly echoed my name. “Amae? Amae Guerrero?”, she asked my friend. 

Upon hearing it, I got curious why she knew me. I hardly know her personally, but I know her name. When she turned around and looked at me, she told me that she’s reading my blog. The moment I heard that from her, I immediately got shy. My shyness immensely  contains my system thinking if my posts were decent enough. I was wavering deep inside recalling  every post that I made. haha. 

While writing this post, I still can’t imagine that this blog has become a reflection of myself. 

 I started this blog almost three years ago just of a mere outlet of my thoughts and never did I think that this blog would eventually become a way to touch lives and minister to other people.

I’m glad that more than writing and blogging, I now found a way to share why I am here, my purpose.

 Never did I reckon that blogging can make a difference. And I have to agree that change doesn’t require a gigantic contribution, as long as you make a difference – whether big or small – and as long as you create an impact on the people around you. 

And as for me, I will continue to contribute and will continue to become an agent of change. 

How about you? Have you done something? If you can’t clearly answer the question, I believe there’s need to be done. I challenge you as you read this blog, start your contribution. Start from doing what you love and inspire others through it. You’ll never know until you start it. And trust me, once you started it, you will contribute to change. 

You have your own calling, find it and use it and it will lead to change. Always remember what the Lord said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

Change will start because you are reading this. You can make a difference. God bless you! 

4 thoughts on “Make a difference!

  1. Yes Amae, with the blog you can make a difference to many lives. As I noticed too, as many bloggers touched my heart and made a difference to mine. Love your quotes in here. Love you my friend! Continue to touch people’s heart, don’t be shy! 🙂


  2. Nice post. But beware, you’re young. I witnessed, a lot of young people who want to change the world, even changed by the world! So beware …. I want you to be the change agent ….. 🙂


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