Productive Hiatus

I’ve been on and off for the past few weeks on the blogosphere, perhaps it’s quite evident on my post. But please don’t feel neglected about it, Time just seems so insufficient to write everything – as in everything going through my life now.

My title of this post speaks it all. It was a productive hiatus. Even my eyebags could attest to it. (just kidding) I’m doing great things for my campus:) I can’t reveal it yet, but this is something that I’m blessed to be part of.

Anyway, I really missed writing my thoughts here. I just missed this routine like the times of rummaging ideas from my mind to grab worthy things to post. haha

I believe,sometimes, when you have a great responsibility to carry out, you need to deviate from the things you first love, your comfort zone. In my case, writing and blogging were my comfort zone. The blogging world became my seraphic escape from reality; it is my dark chocolate that keeps me from getting weary; it is my dose from pollution of the world. In short, writing and blogging have got into my system.

But it doesn’t mean that I would turn back from my first love (writing and blogging). I just need to minimize it. So I’ll still keep in touch to y’all and I’ll still update this blog. God bless you!


3 thoughts on “Productive Hiatus

  1. Happy to hear form you and what a lovely picture to update us! Don’t worry about not blogging too often, it is always a pleasure to see you when you have time !
    With much love Amae – Ute


      • Amae, I am fine now I have holidays, before at work it was crazy. I have de stressed and I enjoy the peaceful time, where I can do what I really want. (apart from cleaning the house properly).I am visiting my sister and my mum soon, which will be wonderful, some family time! Wishing you well, speak to you soon! Much love from Ute


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