Never Gone

Is my title quite familiar to you? That’s a song of  American Idol Season 11 contestant, Christian Rocker, Colton Dixon. Well, the title of my post plainly speaks that I was really never gone. lol. Kidding!

Here I am saying my biggest hello to everyone :)

Here I am saying my biggest hello to everyone 🙂

Please do forgive me my fellow bloggers and readers if I haven’t been updating my blog. I was on my vacation, which I’ll share to you on my upcoming posts, for two straight weeks. My last blog post was really long ago so here I am updating my blog. hehe.

Thank you so much Sir Ray!

Thank you so much Sir Ray!

I’m really thankful to find someone like Sir Ray on the cyber world. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring me. Though I never felt I had lots of readers, his words made me motivated.
Anyway, I promise to blog as much as I can. Perhaps once or twice a week. I believe writing is my spiritual gift so I need to hone and use it to touch and inspire people. I missed you all my fellow bloggers, friends and constant readers. I hope you all bear with me.

God bless you all!

PS: If you still haven’t heard of Colton Dixon’s Never Gone, here’s the video. I’m sure you will like and love it. It will motivate and touch you like how it did on my system.


3 thoughts on “Never Gone

  1. Amae, Ray is right, even 1 post a week is ok, and of course if you are away you have abreak, we all deserve that. I hope you had a great vacation, you certainly look lovely in hte picture. I do read Rays posts too, and I manage about 2 a week myself. I don’t have enough time to do more, but it does make me happy and I am grateful for every single person hwo reads it. You are loved Amae, big hug! Ute 🙂


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