Beautiful Stranger by Zoey Dean Review


              While reading Beautiful Stranger of Zoey Dean, where Logan told Anna about his option of pursuing creative writing at Yale, I suddenly realized how gratifying and fulfilling to pursue writing in college at America. If only I could have the opportunity. Haha.  In America, people put high respect on writing courses. It was a legit course. Unlike here in the Philippines, where  the  title before your name is more important,  people just start judging you upon hearing  your course. “Writing or Arts are nonsense course”, “It’s not a stable job”, “They can’t handle mathematics”, “Writing will not sustain” and the list goes on. All those laughable judgements.  Haha. I don’t get really offended whenever I heard such. I’m used to it. They just don’t know the entirety even the half of it.

         But why in America, they value writers with such respect? They respect writers as much of engineers and doctors. How I wish time will come in the Philippines where there will be just judgement between the graduates of Science-related courses and Arts-related courses.

         Anyway, life is like that, what matters is you pursue your destiny against all odds.

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