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I hope I could buy this book soon. (I don’t have enough savings to buy this book yet. But soon) Do you have an e-book of this book? Perhaps you can send it to me. I really love to read this book.

  Joshua Harris is one of my favorite Christian Writers. Among his books, what really struck me was his I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Part of my stand or beliefs in courtship came from that book. I really thank Joshua Harris for saving and preserving my emotional area. I am  still an unbeliever when I stumbled with that book, but that didn’t hinder me to grasp his message. It doesn’t speak about your religion -Christian or not-, but it speaks about waiting for the right time. (“The right thing at a wrong time is a wrong thing”) It speaks of pursuing your relationship to God and maximizing your age.

      If I didn’t stumble with that book when I was in High School, perhaps I’ve engaged myself into wrong relationships. And I’m proud to say that I never had any boyfriend until now. Really big thanks Mr. Harris!

     I also read his Boy meets Girl where it tackles about entering a relationship. I have to admit that I didn’t appreciate that book YET. Probably because I’m still on my season of waiting and learning. So I have to read it again when I’m ready enough to enter a relationship.

     Anyway, I’ve been dying to read his other books but my finances hinders me. How sad. haha. And today, I saw his Dug Down Deep book at our local bookstore. I’m just fortunate enough that the book wasn’t covered by plastic so I had an ample time to read the chapter two (“Truth requires Action”)

    Thank you Mr. Joshua Harris! I hope I can talk to you even via e-mail! God bless you and your family! Keep writing and inspiring!

  P.S: Perhaps if  you have an e-book of his other books, I hope you have the heart to send on my e-mail. Just trying. Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Joshua Harris’ Books

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