Reaching out more people

My heart was really blown away as I received this message from my leader in church. Discipleship really helps to my character

My heart was really blown away as I received this message from my leader in church. Discipleship really helps  me. 


 My first ever testimonial on our Church happened last Monday. And I didn’t know that I could possibly speak in front of hundreds of people. I was so blessed to be given an opportunity to speak. I can’t really believe that even despite of my age (17 yrs old) and was still new on our church, (prolly 8 months) I was able to share how God outpour his blessings to me and my family.

      When one of my spiritual sister told me that I was chosen to speak for the week of celebration, the first thing that came out from my mind was that “What? me? Can I possibly do it?” I was really afraid and felt that I’ll just stutter in front of people. 

      But above all else, I conquered my fear.

      One of the things that I shared was about… THIS BLOG. 

     This blog has become my outlet to share my faith to every reader. I was able to connect with other people, my readers and co-bloggers which made me enjoyed my blogging more. Throughout, I didn’t expect that I could save a person from committing a suicide. (Read my post about Dorine) and  reach a writer from “The Upper Room”, a Christian Magazine. 

     I’m really planning to put my blog into a next level, but I need a web designer or a graphic artist. How I wish someone could lend his/her hand. 

     Thank you everyone! To God be the Glory! 

     Let’s put our heart on everything that we’re doing. God bless you. 

6 thoughts on “Reaching out more people

  1. It’s been a while since I have been on your blog but I am so happy to hear what God is going in your life and through it! How amazing it that?!! Praise the Lord!

    “Above all else”…… that touched me. Despite the size of the church crowd and how long you have been at the church, God provided a platform for you to testify about what He’s done in your life, that of your family and the lives of many your cross on and off the blog.

    I am proud of you for stepping out. You encourage me to step out even more!

    God bless you sister,



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