Friendship (Reunited)

You will meet a lot of people in your life but only few people will mark your heart. In my case, these eight individuals remained very special to me for the past years. So let me show you how it all started

Three years before…

And three years after…

My best friends from High School. From Left to Right: Elai, Eka, Camille, Alaine, Andreng (the debutant), Cox, Biancs, Patie, and me)

Our friendship started way back our freshman year in High School. We we’re part of the same section and we got to know more until we realized that we have the same interests and jive together. It’s really funny to see that our differences made our friendship more exciting.

Our oldest photo taken way back 2009. We’re freshmen during this time. Funny to see how nene/young we looked here.

Freshies days

taken way back 2010 during our sophomore year

Sophomore year. I can’t stop laughing seeing how short my hair was.

When we reached our sophomore year, we’re no longer part of the same section. Some went to section 1, some remained in section 2 and others went to section 3. But that didn’t hinder us to bond. There are some instances that it became an advantage for us. (maybe my friends will understand this point. haha)

During my 15th b-day on our Junior year.

Nene days. Elai’s 15th b-day, the girl under the ball. During our Junior year.

Reflecting our happiest side during our English Culminating activity in our Junior year. From Left to right: Andreng, me, and elai

L to R: Elai, Bianca and Me. Elai and I looked ridiculous here. Of course, Biancs is as gorgeous as ever.

So during our birthday, we never forget to celebrate it together. And during my 15th Birthday, I’m with them together with their “special someone” HAHAHA

L to R: Eka, Biancs, Me, and Camille. Celebrated my birthday at Glorietta.

During Andreng’s 16th birthday at Greenbelt

One of unforgettable summer getaways with them. Biancs’ treat!

Overnight at Laguna with them 🙂

With our fairy God mother (Biancs’ mom)

Of course, our last year in High School was the memorable. We’ve gone through silly fights, tampuhan, sweet arguments. But against all odds, we still keep our friendship.

L to R: Eka, me, Cox, Sir Antiola, Andreng. During our first and last promenade

Senior year

Our last intramural.

Supporting Camille for the Cheerdance Competition

Striking a pose before our writing competition

Our last Christmas Party

So once again, we gathered for  Andreng’s 18th birthday. It’s good to see them again and of course  to see our group complete. I have to admit that I’m not that updated with their lives. But good thing they shared some.

Look how matured we are now. After 3 years, We had a group picture again.

With my best friend from the group. Meet cox.

Cox, patie and I were joking at each other.

Time flies really fast. From our teeny look we became into a piece of mature lady. Though we were on different school and have hectic schedules, we still not forget our relationship with each other. Soon, some of us will be Architect, Accountant, Flight Stewardess, Ambassadress, Writer/Journalist, HR professional and Food technologist. I’m really blessed to have friends like them. And I’m really looking forward for more bonding and getaway with them. How about you, have you found yours?

11 thoughts on “Friendship (Reunited)

  1. Good friends are rare and we need to treasure the friendship. I also have the best friends here where I live and I cherish them and am so thankful. You all look fabulous in the pictures, young ladies. Very beautiful, and happy!


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