Youth Camp 2013 (No Boundaries)

“You can’t be reserved in this world. God blesses you with so many things, you just have to discover it” – Pastora Geraldine Ballano 

During the Praise and Worship – Credit to Doulos For Christ’s Multimedia team

I had my first ever youth camp at our church two weeks ago and it was so great. It increased my faith and made me realized that I was really born for this. God has revealed a lot of things to me through the camp. That despite of my shortcomings as a Christian, I can start all over again. I should just continue journeying for His glory and not to dwell on my mistakes. 

Before the camp  I’m just excited with the activity – the camp itself, but when I’m already there, there was really more to it.  My spiritual siblings that I get to know more were just a bonus. It’s all about preparing me for the battle, giving me strength for my challenges, and extending solid food for my maturity.

Meet my Spiritual Siblings

Team Ruth! My Spiritual brothers and sisters 🙂

The 3-day Camp was really the best. The performances, sessions, and games were really helpful in molding my character. I was able to overcome my shyness throughout. When I’m faced with new people, I usually get shy unlike when I’m with my friends.  Usually, I’m shy whenever performing on the large crowd. My nerves were really uncontrollable. But thank God! Because of Him, I became a conqueror. I managed to overcome my shyness. I was able to show to my team mate my real self, as a sanguine 🙂

Last day of our Camp. My team is called Ruth. Teams are named after the books of the bible. 🙂

“But Ruth replied. ‘Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Wherever you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” – Ruth 1:16. 

Well, despite the fact that our team lost almost all the games, We still have a happy spirit. We just really enjoyed every game and cheered up each other through our war cry (here it goes: R-U-T-H, R-U-T-H, R-U-T-H fight, fight fight!)  We even reminded each other that it is okay to lose as long as we  change continually. (Okay lang matalo, basta may pagbabago)

Team Ruth with our happiest pose 🙂

We won over the most difficult and funniest game of the second day of our camp. So we decided to project for it once more. haha

Projecting the duck game

Warm up exercise 🙂

Praise and Worship 🙂

Photo credits to Doulos For Christ’s Multimedia team

I was also inspired with my fellow youth who have been receiving favor from the Lord. Our Summa Cumlaude from Far Eastern Univesity, Cum laude from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and other schools. They shared their testimony to us of how they were able to manage serving the Lord and excelling on their studies. Truly, God plans for us is to excel on every aspect of our lives. 

Our Spiritual Mother Pstra Geraldine Ballano, during our session.

I never thought that serving Our Lord God will be Fun. Knowing God is so fun (Let us not get weary of doing good things because at the proper time we will reap your harvest if your do not give up – Galatians 6:9)

Those who are wise will shine like the brightest of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever – Daniel 12:3 – 

God bless everyone!

4 thoughts on “Youth Camp 2013 (No Boundaries)

  1. That sounds fantastic Amae, Ruth must have been a great team to be in, the story of Ruth in the bible is a wonderful one. I am very happy you had fun, found closer to God and it was a good experience. With God you can overcome everything! (Phil 4, 13)
    Well done! Hug Ute


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