I don’t want to sound as dramatic as ever but I just couldn’t believe that I’ll be able to maintain this blog for two years. What makes it more special is that the encouraging and inspiring comments I’ve gotten throughout my blogging life. Before, I used to see blogging as just a hobby, just mere of posting my opinion, but throughout the process, I learned the power of blogging to influence other people. I started to have a change perspective when I chose the path of becoming a writer/journalist in the future. I learned that this platform will help me to encourage people through my story. What motivates me to continually share my story and create encouraging words is our Lord God Himself because without Him, I’m really nothing.

      THANK YOU – that’s the words I would like to tell to everyone who’s been with me for my two years stay here in wordpress. 

      So I would just like to share those comments that urge me to be a better writer.


two years of writing =)

surprise (encourgement)

I was surprised by this comment. Ms. Mary ( is a writer from Upper Room which I hope to be part soon. It really boosts my morale the moment I saw this comment.

I thank God that He used me to save one soul. I hope that I can talk with Dorine soon. If you happen to check my blog again, pls tell me your contact so we can talk more.

I thank God that He used me to save one soul. I hope that I can talk with Dorine soon. If you happen to check my blog again, pls tell me your contact so we can talk more.

Thank you so much for the sweet remark from my readers and fellow bloggers. It means a lot to me.

Thank you so much Alice!

Thank you so much Alice!

Thank you Patti

Thank you Patti

Thank you so much Jacquie :)

Thank you so much Jacquie ( 🙂


‘ Thank you Kris

Thank you :)

Thank you 🙂


Thank you Jalal, God bless you!


Thank you for the sweet message 🙂






I would also like to thank for the encouragement that you’ve been giving me.

Thank you Sir Ray :)

Thank you Sir Ray 🙂

Thank you tera!

Thank you tera!

Thank you ute! Love you!

Thank you ute! Love you!


To my constant friends here in wordpress, Ute  and Granny Gee 🙂 I love you so much. Glad I found both of you here =)






Thank you so much everyone! Praise God for my life. He’s the reason why I’m motivated and inspired everyday. I’m looking forward for another year of fruitfulness of my  blog. God bless

9 thoughts on “BLOG ANNIVERSARY

  1. Ahhh Happy Anniversary! I am so proud to know you! Always look forward to your posts! Thank you for “showcasing” my comments! I feel as if I sent you thank you cards that you kept and that my friend is an amazing feeling!
    As a writer you know when we take time to write… the idea that we touched someone…. one at a time or a million does not matter if someone takes the time to tell us!
    Here it is amazing. We have found each other who bond because of our passion to write but have formed friendships because of an even greater connection of the heart!
    Looking forward to another year of getting to know you!!!!
    Congratulations, so glad you stayed!


  2. It most certainly is ‘amaezing’… Amae, you have no idea how you inspire everyone. You are so young, full of ‘light/life’…. you reflect it all the way to my country to where I am everytime I see you here. Not only me… but, so many others.

    If you were a star in the sky… you would be one of the brightest stars I could see… the most
    purest, beautiful stars ever. Your spirit touches others to their hearts .. I know my heart is
    touched every time. That tells me you touch so many others, also.

    Don’t you ever lose sight of your dreams, Amae. You can’t help but, to accomplish all you want. All of ‘us’ who follow you…. sense/know … this. We all see this beautiful spirited young girl who has a wonderful personality, pure heart… we all want you to succeed. If it ever possible, we would make a ‘stepping stone’ for you to cross over to your dreams.

    Yes, Ms Amae… you are truly ‘amaezing’… I’m so proud to know you. I ‘know in my heart’ that you are going to be all you want, and … more. Love, Granny Gee (I say these words from my heart as I felt them… they are not idle words)…. In time, you will see that everyone who follows you… feels the very same way.


    • Thank you so much granny! You never failed to make me smile 🙂 I felt your words and I’m so glad I met someone like you here. Love you granny. Thanks for inspiring me. God bless 🙂


  3. Amazing Amae, congratualtions to the two years. Well done and I am looking forward to the next 5 years with you … 🙂 Thank you for the above mention, you are close to my heart Amae. I am very proud of you wish you all the best for your further writings.
    With love and a tight hug Ute x


  4. Happy birthday-blogging Amae!! You’re so young, and yet so wise and mature…, undoubltedly you have a great future 🙂 Keep yourself growing, and at the same time stay Amaezing as you are now , Big hugs!!


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