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The hardest thing to face as a writer is to face a blank sheet for hours. You face the monitor, but your mind seems to have a serious malfunction. Even a single idea can hardly come out. The struggle of forming the right words into sentences was like facing your deathbed. But once realized this trouble, you begin to search for solution. Then you’ll find out that the only solution is not to push yourself too much. Learn to create space, to free your mind, to close your eyes and breathe for a while. Until you finally feel that it’s the right time to unfreeze your ideas, to release it with such suited words that can form impeccable sentences. Lastly, you just have to accept that every writer shares the same sentiment. We all shared the same season, so you just have to have  unique way to escape from it.

4 thoughts on “FOCUS

  1. I agree! I am always getting ideas when I am walking… or in the shower. Haven’t figured out the shower thing yet unless to jump out right when I have the idea and go write it down… but when I am walking I have begun to bring my phone and talk text to myself the things I am thinking… lol… great post!


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