God really knows the right time of making you happy. He really knows the time when you badly needed it. A while ago, I got a bit of upset with what I read on the internet. It was like doubting my capacity again and I was like starting to question myself again. I was about to blog about it, until I saw a notification on my dashboard. Then, there was it.  The moment I clicked it and read it, my mood suddenly changed. Can you Imagine that a writer from one of the Christian magazines that you look up to commented on your blog? That’s a big deal to me thinking that someone I really look up to had the time to appreciate my blog. I hope you can understand what I’m feeling. And it was all because of God. Thank you Lord for moving me.

Check out her blog marybaird.wordpress.com Thank you Ms. Mary for making  me happy.

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  1. I totally understand. I have been getting some attention for my writing by a few friends going through and commenting on every post! It is so validating when you know that your words can heal or move someone. As writers we have a passion. It is like an artist selling a painting or a singer selling a CD…. when people take time to read our blogs it is like a gift. Though I am not sure what discouraged you…. I do GET how when someone that we admires takes time to LIKE something we wrote… there is no other way to describe it but “happy”!
    Great post!


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