Paulo Coelho


     I blame myself for embracing the notion of my best friend that Coelho’s books were so difficult to comprehend. It was untrue. I’m done reading Eleven Minutes, one of his bestselling novels. And from that, I can confidently say that his prowess in writing is really superb. He has this sense of stand in certain issue which makes him a better writer or makes him different from  other writers. That’s one of the great distinction when we talk about Coelho’s masterpiece. He never forgets to elucidate explicitly his stand on certain issue. 

      He’s not just a writer who works just to write or showcase his masterpiece, but he is a writer who influences people. He inspires people with his stand and he makes his readers think critically. 

     I just felt bad of missing the opportunity and wasting my time not reading his books. I could have tried  reading at least one of his novels than not trying at all, than embracing my best friends’ notion.

      I just don’t know if this is just because of the “first time syndrome”. I guess a person who reads a lot, knows this kind of syndrome. Of admiring a certain author and aiming to read all his masterpiece. Then as you gets closer to your goal, you’ll realize that his novels has a definite pattern or you can already predict the outcome or ending. I’m saying this because I’ve tried to love a certain author and aimed to read all his books. And when I got closer to my goal, I then realized the pattern of his novels and I just got so upset.

        Anyway, I hope I can buy Coelho’s books already. I need some money. huhuhu. It’s really sad to support your hobby on your own. I wish my parents would support my love in reading. hahaha.

God bless everyone! 

5 thoughts on “Paulo Coelho

  1. This is interesting Amae, I like Paulo Coelho, but never read a book, I love his quotations, they are great! I should really read a book of him. I heard a lot about the alchemist, it is supposed to be good. Thanks for hti sI might look out for one, and when I read one I could send it to you for reading.We could share the book, how about that? 🙂


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