Under the sea =)

Do you like my new theme? Lemme know 🙂 Finally, marked another history on my blog site LOL,  I’ve already changed my theme. Just for a change. My previous theme was already the skin of my blog ever since I started blogging.  I was really attracted with this theme maybe because of  the liveliness that it brings.  Since 2013 is coming, I just want to feel another vibe or aura from my blog. Something that will avoid me from being a “timid blogger”. 2012 was really a blessing year for me and my family. Thank you so much Lord!

Anyway, is my new theme better than the previous one? lemme know please =) Thanks.

Much love,
Amae ❤

8 thoughts on “Under the sea =)

  1. I Do like this theme, I know another blog, I follow who changed it to this, it is a tidy theme and looks very nice. I am toying wth the idea of changing my theme but haven’t made up my mind yet! Will see, who knows. 🙂


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