The true essence of Christmas.

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             The true meaning of Christmas, I believe, is Jesus Christ itself. He was born for a purpose and it was sacrificing himself just to save the sinners and imperfect people like me. Christmas is not just about the expensive gifts, new gadgets and branded clothes, but it’s all about the birth of the Man who saved us from the death and payed for our sins. Christmas is all about Him.

            I cried in pain to see how people tend to forget the true meaning of it. They were blinded by the culture or the tradition they thought were all correct. What’s more disappointing, is that they are oblivious on their actions. They all thought that it was correct to celebrate that way for they never heard the truth. 

            So this upcoming Christmas, Let’s celebrate it differently. Let’s celebrate it as how God wanted it to be. Let’s all celebrate Christmas with Him. For Emmanuel has born which means God is with us.

           We should make sure that as we celebrate Christmas, God is truly with us. 

God bless everyone! Merry Christmas 😀

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