Nothing is far-fetched

 (I know you  have the same sentiment of doing this kind of “self-centered article” over and over again. I mean doing this kind of “about me” article every start of your semester. Anyway, I just want to post it here, not for the sake of blogging, but I guess just for the sake of updating my blog. LOL)

            “By Airamae A. Guerrero” appears a good byline right? 10 years from now, will I be the same lady with full of eagerness to write? Will all my persuasion to convince my parents be worth it? And so, will I carry the responsibility of choosing this path?

             Certainly, I don’t know. I don’t have any idea at all. But one thing is for sure, I will not put into waste all my entire effort to be on this track.

             It almost took me forever to finally come up with my course, for my fear that my decision will wreck my future.  I was really uncertain. I tried to evaluate myself – my skills, talents and abilities – but I still end up without a lucid path to journey ahead. Until the two most important persons in my life – my high school mentor and my brother – told me to pursue Journalism.

              And that suggestion answered all my queries. I am a writer by heart. Writing is a single thing you can never take away from my daily routine, and certainly from my life. Even in times that I can’t put the right words into cohesive sentences, writing has become part of my life. I am a writer, ever since I learned to hold a pen. I was trained as a news writer during my elementary and high school years where I improved my skill and grew my interest in writing.

              Aside from writing, I love blogging and reading. It’s something I can do every day without feeling exhausted. Book is one of my priceless possession; I love to see them hardly breathing on my small shelf, I love to picture out fictional characters which evidently do not exist in reality; And I love to read  colorful words which perfectly form beautiful sentences.

             On the other hand, blogging became part of my daily routine. It gave me an overjoyed spirit every time someone appreciates my work; it’s not just an outlet for my thought, but it’s my little way to touch others’ feelings – their happy spirit, sentiments, etc.

               I graduated at Pasay City Science High School as the news writer of the year. I was the only one, among my entire batch mates, who stood up and had the courage to take up Journalism. Although a lot from my batch were writers, most of them dreaded of ending up with a pen and a name, yet penniless.

               I chose Journalism for two main reasons: One, I’m too gifted at numbers that I can hardly breathe the moment I encountered it; Second, being a writer or a journalist, is the only profession I can see myself 10 years from now without any mark of regret.

              So taking up my dream profession is one of the things that makes me happy. I must admit that I’m really a shallow person when it comes to happiness. I appreciate every little thing, every creature on the nature, the splendor of sunset, the deafening silence at night, coy smile and cracking laughter of other people, and the list goes on. And perhaps being appreciative all boils down with my belief that happiness is something that you have to own, claim, and win every day.

               I am Airamae Algentera Guerrero, a future journalist who is prepared enough to conquer her giants in life. Some may not comprehend my decision, but I assure them a single thing, I-will-be-a-journalist. They will see a byline, “By: Airamae Guerrero” visibly written above the article of various magazines, local and international newspapers.

               I believe nothing is far-fetched when you genuinely desire it, right? Besides, if it’s the Lord’s will, then let His will be done.

11 thoughts on “Nothing is far-fetched

    • Thank you sir Pete! I’m really so blessed that i was able to find your blog. You’re a successful writer! I hope you can share your experience as a writer to me. Hoping for a longer conversation. God bless sir!


  1. Airamae…. you are quite a determined young lady. I felt cold chills (in the best way possible) reading this post … I was caught up in all of your words… I ‘felt’ your dream. I
    believe in you! I know you will be a journalist/writer… I ‘know’ you will be. I’m so proud of
    you to know what you want at a young age… don’t let obstacles get in your path. I hope to
    be ‘there in 10 years’ to see you accomplish your dream. I will say softly with a smile, “Airamae, I told you so.” :))) Love, Granny Gee (I love your beautiful name)……


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