Trying and learning

         ” It was sixteen years ago when that incident happened. But it still taunts me sixteen years after. The guy I thought that I would spend my life forever with was the same guy who broke my heart and left me hanging on his uncertain words.  But love changes everything. I’m just going to tell you how.”

          That is an excerpt from what keeps me so pretty busy these past few days.

        Writing a novel is one of our projects for my English Class. Since, we picked love story, our story is about two individuals being reunited by love and fate. Then, a lot of twists and turns. I hope I can eventually post it here, so I can hear comments from all of you.

          This novel in progress has been challenging me, since I was trained more on narrative way of writing. I’m a news writer by nature. However, this project will surely hone up my skill in writing.

          And seriously, I’m enjoying it. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Trying and learning

  1. Though it is a small excerpt, excellent work and its good to challenge your writing skills by writing outside your comfort zone. One day I will be able to tell people I knew you the Great author and Journalist 😀


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