Believe and achieve


    Not all people will tell good things at you…

                I don’t know why the words that came from my friend – to think that she’s  my friend – caught me to ponder upon things and left me to feel worried about myself.

“You’ll go nowhere”

               To hear something from a friend, either a joke or not, made me to think twice on myself.

                For just a petty reason, my friend labeled me like that. We’re just having a normal conversation through facebook, when I continuously made mistake typing for some phrases (typographical). Honestly, it was just pure mistake, since I was not looking at the keyboard while typing, at the same time, watching and chatting. (multi-tasking, indeed!).

             However, I was shocked with what she said. You’ll go nowhere if you continued that practice (typographical thing). I tried to explain my side, but she thought, it was just my excuse.

            I know this is just so petty. I just felt that her words have conviction in a way that I felt she was slapping me repeatedly.

            I just thank God that he always reminds me that He was the one who holds my life. He already have plans for me ahead, so I don’t have to worry. I’ll just do my best.

          My humor does not define who I really am. There’s more on me than cracking jokes. It just one side of me.  You haven’t seen the whole side of me.

           I guess, negative words are meant to make me a better individual. I don’t have to prove myself. I’ll just do my best.

           Anyway, I don’t know  if I’m just being so sensitive. What do you think? But I have some bizarre ability to know if the person is sincere or not. So perhaps you can understand my rants.

           I just need someone who will really believe in me. Thanks for those who are already. I believe so. How about you? I just need all your words my fellow bloggers.

Disclaimer: I got this picture from the internet

God bless 🙂

Disclaimer: I got this picture from the internet.

“Don’t let little things get you down. You’ve got so many big reasons to look up to God & say thank you.”


5 thoughts on “Believe and achieve

  1. Writers are quite sensitive by nature–it helps us see the world. We hone our craft not by practicing old habits, but by learning new ways of looking words. Anything you learn about writing–whether grammar or punctuation —formal essay or poem–makes you grow. (Proverbs 27:6)


  2. I agree with alice , though i have been writing for over 30 years as a hobby and a passion i still make alot of gramatical errors. Spell check and practice helps me improve as i go. Also there is always proofreaders for most publications so to catch such mistakes. Your an excelent author and should not alow what your friend said slow you down. usualy when some one makes that kind of remark it is usaly out of envy, jelousy or out of fear you will amount to more than she/ he. Do not let it bother you and keep up all the good work my friend. Good post by the way!


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