The Filipino Spirit!

                Recently, a calamity hit the Metro Manila, Philippines. The strength of Southwest monsoon or habagat  caused a continuous heavy downpour of rain which resulted to flash flood, landslide and deaths over the city. But despite of that, the Spirit of Filipino continues to outshine the negativity that the calamity brought.

And this makes me proud:

               Even the tired rescuers still have the heart to smile and pose. And that’s why I’m proud. We Filipinos even with the struggles we are undergoing, we still put a smile on our face. We make others happy by our smile. It’s really true when they say that you get to see the real person in times of struggles and problems. Do you agree?

Disclaimer: Credit to Mr. Robert Busallla from the page in the facebook

              Of course, the spirit of helping! We Filipinos are known for that. When in time of need, Filipinos lend their hand to others.

True Filipino Spirit; helping each other.

           Even with the negativity that others say to my country and to my race, I am proud with my head up high that I am a Filipino. We may not be as rich or as influential as other country, we have the values, the spirit of giving, the spirit of helping, and the spirit of smiling, that I can be proud of. And those values cannot be equated to the richness of others. No matter what will others say to the Philippines.

          Do not be swayed on the news that you’ve watched. Philippines is not as worse as you’ve predicted and seen on the television. Philippines is a good country with hospitable people living overhead.

          Anyway, have the heart to donate. Read my previous post for more information!

God bless everyone!

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