The bottomline of Mr. Boy Abunda

* (had the heart to share this realization to all of you. Note: I wrote this way back second week of june, but had the urge to share it with all of you)

June 10, 2012 (1:55am)

    “You know when a lawyer’s lying, when his lips is moving”

          Again, I’m struck with the words from The Bottomline of Mr. Boy Abunda. This is why my I like the program that my entire system on saturday basis feels incomplete when I didn’t get the chance to watch it. It’s merely not just a sense of talk show, but it is more of a learning/informative show where you can get inspiration and self-realization from the lives of others. – journey of different individuals through the path of success.

         So, today’s show showcased the intelligence of Atty. Dennis Manalo, one of the defense lawyers of Former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

         Anyway, back to the quote, though he said that it was a joke, I get his point. That once you are a lawyer, you’re going to defend someone whether he/she is guilty or not, whether he/she is on the truth or not. As long as you can pound the law and the technicalities, you’ll earn it. And that’s a typical lawyer wears his/her crown. 

         However, dreaming of becoming a lawyer, or can I just say “becoming a lawyer someday” (in God’s grace and time), I have my different perspective. Practicing Law is more of a passion, it’s more of experience than winning. Nevertheless, I guess I’m not on the position to explain it further, since I’m not yet studying Law. There are lot of questions  and ifs pondering on my head that only studying law itself could only be the key of answering that all. 

         What if I’m just too young, too vulnerable to understand everything. What if it’s not just for me. I have a lot to ask, but I guess it’s not yet the right time to know the answer.

          God is really good that He’s making me ponder about this. I quite understand what he was trying to say regarding this, but I just don’t know if my instinct is right. I’m thankful that the Lord loves me that he uses a lot of instruments to send this message to me.

          Today, what was clear to me that becoming a lawyer isn’t about fighting for the “legal truth”, but it is more of fighting for the whole truth. Using not just your brain, but your heart as well.

         I guess this principle would not fit a typical lawyer, but change is the only permanent thing in this world. Perhaps my beliefs is still lacking convincing explanation, but I promise, once I get into law school, I can perfectly explain it. Nonetheless, I have to focus more on what is present which is my Journalism degree. So I have to study hard first on my chosen degree today, before jumping to my future. 

        God’s message for my thought :

               But blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear. For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but didn’t see, and to hear what you hear but didn’t hear – Matthew 13:16-17

           God bless everyone! 

8 thoughts on “The bottomline of Mr. Boy Abunda

  1. If you choose to be a lawyer, you do have a choice on who you defend. You can have integrity and be a lawyer at the same time. It will all come down to do you serve money or do you serve justice, the law and your own concience. With everything it is your own choice..


    • thank you my mentor! It did help. In God’s time, i’ll become a Lawyer. But of course, I need to finish first my journalism degree. and in God’s grace also I can be a journalist, inspiring and serving the mass. God bless sir!


      • You could always write a book about the struggles of a lawyer whom chose integrity over profit 🙂 or a self biography 🙂 … Either way may God reveal your path and open your eyes to the gifts he has given you as well as the ones that are hidden or yet to be found. 🙂


      • Thanks for the great idea my mentor 😀 I hope I can do that soon. Thank you for believing me, though we’ve just talked here. Thank you so much for the kind words. you just don’t know how it helps, especially like me who’s just starting her journey 😀 God bless!


      • Though my journeys have been many in one life and i pray i have more, To see someone start thier first is a blessing upon me. God believes in you, so you should believe in yourself as well. Just try to allways look at your journey through life as an adventure, one that begins with each morning. For each new day is a new chance and a new adventure.

        God bless


      • Wow. I believe so! I got to learn more! and of course I should trust the Lord, His instruments like you that He use to send His message to me. Thank you for the words. And thank you for trusting me to be part of your blog 😀


      • We all are instruments of God in one fashion or another, the young have thier quick wit and inspiration, the old wisdom and experience. Some of us are teachers, some preachers and others are messengers, It is a blessing to have you as a part of my blogs.


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