stage-fright and nervousness. How could I be able to overcome it?

I would never ever forget this day where I auditioned to be part of the public speaking org in our school. Actually, my main reason why I wanted to join this org is to hone up my skills and to overcome my stage-fright and my over nervousness. However, the time I stepped my feet on the room, I immediately felt the rush beat of my heart as if stopping me to talk normally. So that nervousness made me look stupid in front of them. Haha. It was a hindrance in my speaking that made me stutter to every question thrown to me. You know the feeling that after the interview, in just a snap, you’ll realize that you should have answered this. Blah blah. But I never did regret. Atleast I tried. Haha. Anyway, I’m still on my first year of college.
Haaay. Would you give any suggestions and ways on how could I be able to overcome my nervousness in front of the crowd? 😦

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