Day 39 of Impeachment Trial (Realizations)

In the middle of my day where boredom captures my soul, I find my heart pushing me to switch the channel, since no programs seem to take away my tediousness. Then to my surprise, I staggered on Channel 15 (QTV) in which they’re airing the on-going Impeachment Trial. I thought fifteen minutes of watching this program would be enough to overpower my tediousness; however, when I saw how Hon. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel gracefully respond to every question thrown to her and how the Senator Judges humiliate Harvey Keh, I have no longer reason to turn to other channels. Since, as a Filipino, I’m part of this journey – the way leading to right path and new transformation, the way of overcoming the hunger and thirst of every Juan seizing for truth.

It was a bizarre moment seeing myself being bothered with this kind of issue. In fact, it was my first time watching a trial against a dignitary figure. I guess it was God’s way of showing and telling me that this would be my work in the future, that this is how I’ll live for the incoming years – feeding everyone’s mind with right information and whole truth.

It was this trial that opened and enlightened my mind of pursuing Law after my degree in Journalism. Just seeing Harvey Keh being humiliated by Senator Judges and Defense Lawyers is just enough attestation. Since he wasn’t a lawyer, the defense was able to establish their genuine purpose of using him as a hostile witness. In short, “napa-ikot siya ng mga tao dun”. He was even labeled a liar by Senator Judges, Ms. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Mr. Jinggoy Estrada. Whereas, Ms. Baraquel though she wasn’t a lawyer, she has enough experience and practice about this procedure – since she has been a part of House of representative for six years. That’s why Judges and defense have the utmost respect on her. They couldn’t even rupture their fury regarding the evidence she has sent. So she really knew how to play the game. Thus, their smoldering fury was thrown to Mr. Keh.

Therefore, it is factual that knowing and telling the truth isn’t enough to obtain justice. Perhaps, knowing and telling the truth plus learning to play the game would be the right recipe for obtaining justice.

In this on-going impeachment trial, the outcome is so unpredictable. So I guess, only Chief Justice Renato Corona can save himself.

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