Happy Mother’s Day

I may not be the perfect and good daughter, but ma you are the perfect mother for me. ♥ How could I not be grateful with the Lord having a mother and a best friend in one. How could I not forget the times you were very honest giving ample advices to me, the times you were the mother of my entire classmates and friends, the times you were game enough to swallow our jokes and throw yours, the times you were teasing me with my crush, the times you were pushing me to have a boyfriend (lol), the times you were a listener of my gazillion stories and the times of sweet tête-à-tête at night. Those were indeed priceless!
You are the reason I’m embracing every opportunity that comes my way. I remember seeing your tears falling down to your bony cheeks, hardly disappointed of ate’s announcement the day after her graduation. You were sobbing in that entire day. By then, I promise to myself to strive hard as much as I can do, so that you and papa will be proud of me – Just like what kuya did.

I know I have a long long journey to conquer and I cannot yet predict my future. But who I am today is because of you. I love you ma.

The credit is all yours ma. Happy mother’s day to all mommies! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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