Jessica Sanchez advances to the top 3

Jessica Sanchez showing her emotions after singing And I’m telling you by Jennifer Holiday

After eight years, finally, Another Half-Filipino makes to the top 3 of American Idol. As Jessica Sanchez blew everyone’s mind and heart on her unbelievable rendition of And I’m not telling you (I’m not going) by Jennifer Holiday, it is expected that she’s going to advance on the next round, as she proves that she deserved “the save” by the judges.

Back from her previous performances, Sanchez was quite on the rough road after choosing unfamiliar songs which shunned the judges of giving her a standing ovation.

So as she sang And I’m not telling you, I’m not going, she’s definitely back. Everyone was astonished even Jennifer Holiday, hardly believing that a 16-year-old skinny little girl nailed and killed her song.

Anyway, Hollie Cavanagh finally ends her journey. So as Jessica advances to the top 3, we have to show our support by voting her – POWER VOTING FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ πŸ™‚

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