God’s message on Sunday

God’s message today through the homily of the priest was so inspiring and uplifting. We weren’t able to hear the first and second reading, since we run so late. Nevertheless,  the father’s homily was so much enough to fill our spirit. His homily is all about God’s plan, God’s time and God’s purpose. He shared a story about  his journey as he choose to serve people and share the words of God. His journey like everyone else wasn’t easy. He even relinquished from becoming a priest when he reach his 3rd year at seminary. Then, he worked as a teacher for three years. And when he already felt the sense of completeness, he choose to go back at the seminary. So what was he trying to say? He just wanted to say that there’s no such thing as “DELAY”, but God’s time.  Let’s just open our heart and  trust the Lord for every change in our lives. Whether it’s good or bad, the Lord has always a purpose behind it. We may not understand it as it happens, but God will help us know about it in the right time or God’s time. So let’s cast away our fears and anxiety and let’s start our quest as we search God’s plan and God’s purpose for us.

So remember the three things…

2 thoughts on “God’s message on Sunday

    • you can use it! it’s my privilege to use my blog post. thank you so much. sorry for the super late reply. next time, you don’t need to ask. as long it’s for the Lord. :))) God bless


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