Monasteryo de Tarlac

We spent our Easter Sunday at Monasteryo de Tarlac. It’s a three-hour ride from Manila (if there’s no traffic). The monastery was built at the very top of the Mt. Resurrection, San Jose Tarlac. It started from humble beginnings of simple home for monks into more develop edifice where everyone is invited to attend mass and feel the presence of the Lord.

(Pardon for the shot. I don’t own DSLR cam. Perhaps, you can share your blessing! haha.)

While on our way, we really thought that only few people knew this place because this is kinda away from the city. But when we got there, we were awed.

diba? pahiya kami konte XD. We really had an arduous time looking for vacant place to park our car. So can you already imagine the throng?

We attended the morning mass and it took at least 3 hours to finish the mass.

The mass was so Good. I really love the Homily of the father. It gave us some realization in life. At the end of mass the father said, ” God has the reason why you are here”

It just kinda sad that we weren’t able to touch the small piece of crucifix so we really have to come back.

The place is just so impeccable! I know that the Lord is so veritably happy with this place. Oh! I mean His place 🙂

So this is our first time at Monasteryo de Tarlac and definitely, not our last. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

I forgot to ask father’s name. Maybe you can comment below if you know his name. He’s just so hospitable and he even thank us for coming at the Monastery.

This experience with God is just so unexplainable.

2 thoughts on “Monasteryo de Tarlac

  1. How i wish i can visit the place,i heard a lot of good feedback about monasterio and it so happend i know one of the priest Fr Moses Angelo.I will make sure this year i will give time to my self to visit the place with my family.


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