Good Friday at Quiapo Church

I really have to tell you my experience in Quiapo.  We all know that friday is Quiapo day so its expected that huge throng are on our way. Huge crowd to the point that you’ll have an arduous time entering the church. I kinda panic when the procession was on the church proper because a lot of people wanted to enter the church, but the church is just so jam-packed. So we’re stacked at the middle of nowhere lol. During that time, i thought stampede will happen. Could you imagine that?

But after all, it was all to Him, our Lord. It’s my fulfillment surviving my day. I love you Lord and I’ll continue bringing glory to you.


2 thoughts on “Good Friday at Quiapo Church

  1. Congratulations for surviving that rare Good Friday crowd. It was three times more than last year! A lot of people were not even able to enter the Church and the heat of that day was terrible! You have been blessed! Hope you come back because we have been blessed by your presence!


    • thank you father. you made my day 🙂 I wasn’t expecting that you’ll read about my blog. I feel so bless. Our family always come there esp friday. I hope I can meet you there po. thank you father! you really made my day 🙂


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