Useful tips to pass UPCAT

For an upcoming senior like you, I’m pretty sure that you’re already looking for ways on how to pass the entrance examination of  the University of the Philippines. I have some  tips for you that will surely help you pass the exam.

1. REVIEW – trusting  your stock knowledge will never ever help you pass the exam. I guarantee you. I’ve been there. haha. I’m sure that you’ve already forgotten some of the lessons  from your previous years in high school. So better review the principle or the idea about it.

2. ENROLL IN REVIEW CENTER – this will really help you because you’ll be practiced to answer set of questions just like a college entrance test. But this does not guarantee you. It all depends on you. Some of my classmates who had review classes passed the UPCAT but some are not. So it all depends on you if you take your review classes seriously. Better not waste your money if you’re going to enter review classes just because you wanted to see your classmates or friends during summer. Remember! it’s for your future!

3. NEVER PRESSURE YOURSELF – of course the exam is time-pressured so maximize your time while answering. Just answer as fast as possible but never forget to understand the question.

4.. BE POSITIVE – this is already understandable but never expect too much.

5. MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME –  never take long on any questions. If you think you can’t really find the answer, better guess the answer or skip it. But I don’t recommend guessing because we all know about their right minus wrong policy

6. EAT CHOCOLATES – the exam will take 4 hrs if I wasn’t mistaken. So you need a lot of energy to finish the exam successfully. Bring a lot of chocolates to rejuvenate your mind and body 🙂

7.  PRAY – of course, the Lord will never ever leave you. If He thinks that is for you, He’ll give it. So never forget to pray before and after the exam.

8. APPLY TO OTHER UNIVERSITIES – like I said, if UP is not for you, try to apply as many universities as you can. There’s a UP system naman if you didn’t pass. The proctor will elucidate further about that. Also, try to reconsider your status but be sure to keep your upg.

Well I’m giving you these tips because I’ve been there. haha. I didn’t pass to my chosen UP campus. I think my upg is just for UP B. HAHA. I really suck at math. Imagine my score in math was just 41. haha. I really want to tell you that UPCAT is so time-pressured.  During my time, I wasn’t able to finish the english part. I wanted to cry during that time ‘coz english is quite easy and that’s my fave subject.  I was just so relax while answering so I wasn’t able to maximize my time. But my classmates who entered review class didn’t get so  affected about the time because they were already used to it. So  better review and refresh your mind this summer.  But if UP is not really for you, there are a lot of good school pa naman.

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