Catching Fire

I just finished reading catching fire -second book of the Hunger Games– yesterday. Poor me. haha. Well basically, it’s all about REBELLION. a lot of rebellion. On my perception again, it didn’t quite excite me on first half part of it. However, when I was on the last few pages or at the arena per se, it offered me real excitement just like how I felt on the book of HG.

The entire Panem is planning a rebellion against President Snow. Some uprisings in different districts are already starting. So Katniss think that maybe in her own district, she can start an uprising. But Haymitch disagreed with her plan saying that district 12 isn’t ready for any uprisings.
On the other part, the 75th Hunger Games started and everyone was shocked when Pres. Snow announced that all living victors from different district will be a tribute again. And so, Katniss and Peeta will be back again on the arena pretending to be lovers again.
However, Katniss come to realize that she has one and only aim; to save peeta. And at the end of the book, they were separated for peeta was on the hand of the capitol.

Pardon for the very short summary of Catching Fire. Kinda Lazy to tell all the story. So to my advice READ THE BOOK. 🙂

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