Kamay ni Hesus

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go in Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban, Quezon. I wasn’t veritably expecting that it was going to be a long trekked. Actually, I thought that it would only take us about 2 hrs to be there, but surprisingly I was wrong. It took us about 4 hours to be there but nonetheless, it was fulfilling and glorifying experience.

When we were in the vicinity, we parked 500 meters ( I assume) away from Kamay ni Hesus because there are actually lots of devotees who went there too. So off course we walked through out from the parking lot up to Kamay ni Hesus

This is the view of our parking lot.

My auntie and my mom looking stress free?!? 🙂 while preparing to go at Kamay ni Hesus

My cute and sweet niece Myeal seems excited to go at Kamay ni Hesus

with my cousin. Preparing to go

When we were there, we got surprised when the staff told us that there’s a line to be followed. At first, we just ignored that announcement then after a while we realized that there’s actually a line to be followed.

The line to be followed. Actually, it’s from the gate up to the grotto. It took us more or less 4 hours to be there at grotto. But its fulfilling finishing that long line. It’s an ample sacrifice indeed yet our experience can never be compared to what our Lord Jesus Christ did just to save us.

View from our line.

While we were in the line.

My cousin and I had a problem with what we wear. Basically naman There’s a dress code to be followed in church. I thought that what I wear is allowed but later on I conceived that I’m wearing A sleeveless top. While my cousin is wearing a short so absolutely we’re not allowed to enter to the grotto proper. My cousin was noticed by the stuff and told her that she couldn’t go to the grotto because of what she wear. But While we were on the line, I was really praying to the Lord to let me Please enter to Grotto as well as my Cousin. I even put towels to my shoulders so that they won’t notice what I’m wearing. On the other hand, My cousin use the jacket of his boyfriend to cover her legs. Fortunately, It rained so hard and I veritably felt like that the Lord answered my Prayer. I was so overjoyed that the Lord heard my Prayer. It rained then so the staffs didn’t notice us.

This is what I wear. Due to my sleeveless top, I was not about to make it in the grotto but lucky i did.

looked at my hands. Those are the towels I use to cover my sleeveless top.

My cousin whose wearing a short.

my cousin with her Boyfriend. looked at how she intelligently use the jacket of his boyfriend. hihi 🙂

the start of our walked. So i have taken photos while we were on the grotto proper

while escalading to the top of the grotto.

mama and me 🙂

after so many steps, finally we were on the top 🙂

The view from the top

going back, my niece myeal seems so irritated and tired so she doesn’t want to walk and my mom carry her. While mom was carrying myeal, she’s like losyang na. haha

but after that, she saw several statues of animals that made her happy and energetic again.

me 🙂

Way back home, it took us about 5 hours due to stressful traffic. But after all, It’s a glorious experience that I’ll surely never forget. Thank you Lord. xoxo 😀

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