unbeata-BOYLE forever ♥

As the school year ends, my junior life ends.  Being sentimental again 😦 . I’m going to miss my unbeata-BOYLE family. though we’re going to see each other next school year, It’s kinda sad seeing that we’re not complete and others were going to be in the second section.

This is our adviser, MamiLana :)) Enjoying our last moment as junior and as unbeata-BOYLE 🙂

This is how I love Unbeata-BOYLE 🙂

All of our names were written on the Board. Look for my name :)))

Apparently, that was written on the board. hahaha

My tropa. I’m going to miss them 😐 just for summer. hahaha

I’m going to miss him too. hihihi. Hope he would not see it :)))

next year is my final year in high school. I’m senior na. huhuhu!! I still don’t wanna  enter in college coz I’m still freakin enjoying my high school year. These are the people who made my junior year  momentous. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and i love you all

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